7 Best Linux Distros for Programming

Linux is considered one of the best platforms for programming and development. Linux is just a kernel it is packed with other softwares to make a distribution.

There are various Linux distributions are available for use some of them are optimized for a specific purpose like robotics, gaming, etc. So now you might think is there any programming-specific distribution. The answer is no but on the basis of some factors like stability, reliability, software availability, and ease of installation we can decide which one you should choose.

This article shows a list of Linux distributions that are best for programming and development purposes.



Debian is a Linux distribution composed of free and open-source software developed by the community-supported Debian project. It is known for its simplicity, stability, and strict commitment to opensource.

Debian is the basis for many other distributions this includes distributions such as Ubuntu, Kali Linux, and Linux Mint. It has a large number of packages and software support. If you are already familiar with programming and working with Linux operating system then this could be a good choice for you.



Ubuntu is a distribution based on Debian composed of mainly free and open-source softwares developed by Canonical and other communities of developers. Canonical provides security updates and support for each Ubuntu release until its designated end of life.

Ubuntu is released in three editions i.e. Desktop, Server, and Core for IoT and robots. As it is Debian based system it also provides a large number of packages. Ubuntu updates are released every six months, with long-term support (LTS) releases once every two years.

For your programming needs, you can download and install the Desktop version of Ubuntu.



Fedora is developed by a community-supported Fedora project which is backed by RedHat, a subsidiary of IBM. If you have a problem you can share it in the Fedora forum and expect a solution to arrive quickly.

It comes in three versions workstation, server, and IoT.  You can download and install workstations for programming and development needs it provides an easy and simple way to install softwares on it. Even the founder of Linux Linus Torvalds prefers Fedora over Ubuntu or Debian.

It aims to help developers or programmers to get things done.



The openSUSE is another good distro that provides a wonderful environment for programming and development. The openSUSE is an rpm-based distribution that majorly offers two distros i.e. openSUSE Leap and openSUSE Tumbleweed.

The openSUSE Leap is an LTS release that persists as an up-to-date version and guarantees stability, while if you want to try the latest software the Tumbleweed is for you it is a rolling release.

By using the YaST (“Yet another Setup Tool”) package manager you can easily automate different tasks, install and remove packages.


pop os


Pop!_OS is a free and open-source Linux distribution based on Ubuntu Linux. It is developed by the American computer manufacturer System76.

The Pop!_OS is one of the best Linux distributions for programmers, thanks to its expanded use of keyboard shortcuts, tailored selection of software, and the inclusion of specialist repositories like TensorFlow (for scientific programmers).

It is also considered an easy distribution to set up for gaming due to its built-in GPU support. You can easily install and remove packages using apt package manager.



Manjaro is a free, open-source Linux distribution based on Arch Linux. It focuses on user-friendliness, accessibility, and performance.

It comes with pre-installed software to work out of the box. Manjaro uses the Pacman package manager for the operations such as installation, removal, and up-gradation of software packages.

You can download it with your favorite desktop environment which includes Xfce, KDE, GNOME, etc. You can easily install the required software for your programming needs. Also, the Manjaro community is quite active to help users when needed.

Arch Linux

arch linux

Arch Linux is a Linux distribution that emphasizes simplicity, modernity, pragmatism, user centrality, and versatility. This is best for those who want full control of their operating system.

Initially, it requires a fair amount of time and patience to set up Arch Linux. But it’s worth it. So overall this could be a great choice for programming and development purposes.

Which distro is your favorite for programming?

Here we listed a few popular Linux distributions but there are a lot more. Now you can tell us which one is your favorite distribution for programming.

For any query, you can write us in the comments below.

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