5 Year old Mi 3 Gets Android Pie – Why Can’t Yours ?

Android Pie was recently released with loads of updates. Initially the update was released for Google Pixel devices and Essential Phone PH-1. Other OEMs will be in line to bring Android Pie updates for their respective devices May be from September or Q4 2018 or may be next year!

When Your Android Device Will Get Android Pie Update

Well, the Android Pie update will only come to either the newer devices or only 2 years old devices (hmm just a rough estimation). Most of the Android devices get only 2 major Android upgrade support from OEMs.

Which means a big share of Android devices are not going to get Android Pie update from their OEMs. Yes that’s brutally true. But that’s not the end of the Android update for any device though.

Android being an open source OS, many developers have forked it and contributed to make their own flavor of Custom Android. Hence there are many custom Android ROMs such as: LineageOS, Resurrection Remix OS, OmniROM etc. are always available.

But a developer must take interest to build the latest Android for a particular device to update it to the latest Android version such as Android Pie.

Such a case we have witnessed with the 5 years old Xiaomi Mi 3 and Mi 4 which has got Android Pie update. Xiaomi Mi 3 was a phone launched with Android Jelly Bean and now enjoys the features of Android Pie.

Thanks to developer vasishath and shahan_mik3 for their efforts to port the all new Android Pie to this device.

When Your Android Device Will Get Android Pie Update:

Well, there’s no specific answer to this. If your Android phone is a new or a 2 years old like new device, then chances are it will get an Android Pie upgrade from the OEM itself.

If it does not get the official Android Pie upgrade from OEM, then based on the device’s hardware specifications and popularity it might still be of interest to many developers who may bring you the latest Android Pie anyway through a custom ROM ike: LineageOS, Resurrection Remix ROM etc.

Below are some of the collection of Android Pie based custom ROMs availability list which you can visit frequently to see if your device has got an update or not:
– [button anchor=”Android Pie Download List” url=”https://cyanogenmods.org/android-pie-download-list-supported-devices-list-android-9/” size=”medium” style=”default” color=”primary”] – [button anchor=”LineageOS 16 Supported Devices List” url=”https://cyanogenmods.org/lineageos-16-supported-devices-list-and-downloads-android-pie-9-0/” size=”medium” style=”default” color=”primary”]

Do let me know your Android Device model name and I may tell you when can you expect an Android Pie update for your device!

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