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There is a new app or game that gets released every week. These apps or games cover a big gaming title or big application titles. Android Play Store contains a plethora of applications and gaming titles, and searching for new ones might be very difficult as they get released and get lost in the huge bunch of apps and games. But, in this article, I have compiled a list of 5 new Android Apps and Games of the week that have been recently launched and you can give it a try.

This section of new apps every week gets me excited as I am an Android lover and most of my time I spend searching for apps or games and I test them before covering them. So, this week I came across these apps and I have mixed apps and games that are nice, productive and helpful if you are specifically looking for that particular app. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into the article;

5 New Android Apps and Games of the Week

1. Firefox ScreenshotGo Beta – Find Screenshots Fast

Have you ever taken a screenshot only to see that they are lost in your gallery? Don’t worry from now on, as there is a new application called Firefox ScreenshotGo Beta – Find Screenshots Fast, which allows you to find your old screenshots stored in your device. This is a brand new application from the house of the ever popular Firefox browser developer Mozilla. You can search your screenshot just by typing the name of the screenshot. All your screenshots are organized and kept in a sorted manner for your easy access.

Firefox ScreenshotGo Beta

This app supports the English language for now but with future updates, it is expected to get the support of more languages. You just have to remember the screenshots name that you kept while saving and enter it in the search box and voila! your screenshot appears right in front of you in no time. The app interface is nice and clean and is modern. Moreover, you can also extract text from the screenshot and copy, past or use the text accordingly. The app also offers a GO button which is a floating screenshot trigger button.


2. Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor

Another big title is up on the Play Store and this time Adobe has brought its brilliant editing effects and tools for Video. The Adobe Premiere Rush — Video Editor application is a brilliant app that lets you edit your videos, super fast and with ease. It is an all stop shop for creating and sharing your videos across all platforms. The app uses your camera module to shoot some pro-quality videos. Moreover, you can immediately start editing the videos. The app is powered by Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence for sound balancing, noise reduction, and auto-ducking.

Adobe Premiere Rush

The application offers very easy to use controls like drag-and-drop feature, trim feature, crop, filters, and more to produce some quality video content. There is a huge bunch of templates to choose from out of which some are animated as well. Besides, you can choose any soundtrack of your liking or select the one from within the application. The downside is that this app supports only phones running Android 9 Pie, which is kind of a bummer considering the functionality it brings for video editing.



A role-playing game is around the corner which is available for Android smartphones is the Talion. It is developed by Gamevil. The game offers a huge open world where you just have to fight the bad guys to survive. The game also offers unique and several customizations options for the character. The controls are easy and you get a hang of it from the word start. The graphics are also nice and this game is great for those who love role-playing games. You have to prepare your alliance and go to war with them against your enemies.

There are several game modes through which you can play these games such as PvP, team battle, and a new RvR mode. It has some fair share of bugs and server issues as it is a very game and it is expected to get fixed with time. Moreover, the game also features 3D graphics and an all around 360-degree view for your enhanced gameplay environment. The game also offers some in-app purchases for boosts and other customization equipment.


4. Toy Story Drop!

If you are into match-three games like the Gardenscapes, Homescapes or the famous Candy Crush then you will definitely love this game. The Toy Story Drop! is another promotional game that gives you a major throwback to the Toy Story movies from the 1st part to the latest 4th installment of the movie series. This game is the promotional game for the 4th installment of the game and it also takes you through iconic Pixar location within the game. The gameplay is easy and you can visually see the story unfold with the progress you make.


The game is simple, you have to match the identical three object and continue to match them till there is no object left. The game is simple yet very engaging and gets difficult as the game progresses. You can play with any of the famous characters from the game and complete all the levels across different locations. The game has hundreds of levels and many energy boosters to keep to energized and engaged to the game.


5. Tor Browser

Many have been said and done regarding the dark web and now the famous Tor Browser has got its stable version of the app live on the Play Store. It has been developed by the same developers of the Tor Project who have developed the world’s strongest tool for privacy and internet freedom. The Tor Browser is very effective when it comes to privacy while surfing the web. With this browser, no ad or any third-party tracking cookie can track your presence on the internet.

This browser is based on the Firefox browser platform and has very advanced security and protection against trackers. The formula is simple, as more number of people use this browser the more anonymous you get and it becomes very difficult to track you within the app. The encryption is multi-layered and moreover, you can access the websites that are being blocked by your internet service provider. I have switched from the Chrome browser to the Tor Browser because of its enhanced security and privacy.



There you have it from my side in this article. Please let us know in the comments section if you loved any of the apps or games that have been recently released on the Google Play Store. Also, let us know which app or game was your favorite among the above-listed apps or games.

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