Ubuntu Vs MX Linux

Ubuntu is one of the most popular Linux distributions while MX Linux is comparatively a newer one. Both of these distributions are based on Debian Linux. This guide can help you to choose between Ubuntu and MX Linux distributions.

Today here in this article I will discuss the difference between Ubuntu and MX Linux.


Ubuntu 22.04 LTS

Ubuntu is a distribution based on Debian Linux composed of mainly free and open-source softwares developed by Canonical and other communities of developers. Its main purpose is to serve user-friendly Linux desktops and servers.

Canonical provides security updates and support for each Ubuntu release until its designated end of life. A new version of Ubuntu is released every six months, with long-term support (LTS) releases once every two years.

Ubuntu comes in three editions i.e. Desktop, Server, and Core for IoT and robots. Also, it is preferred and one of the most popular operating systems for cloud computing.

MX Linux

mx linux

MX Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution that uses core antiX components. Its aim is to provide an elegant and efficient desktop with high stability and solid performance. MX Linux is developed as a cooperative venture between antiX and MEPIS communities.

MX Linux is available preconfigured with KDE, Xfce, and Fluxbox desktop environments. It offers an easy-to-use attractive graphical user interface and is most suitable for users who are switching from Windows to Linux.

Ubuntu Vs MX Linux: A detailed comparison

The key difference and similarities between Ubuntu and MX Linux are given below.

Closing thoughts

Both Ubuntu and MX Linux are very good options for beginners you can now distinguish between these two and find one that best suits your needs.

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