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Everything is one or the other way related to tech and how can the business world be void of it. Gone are the days where you needed to design your business cards to be able to give to your clients or colleagues. It was a very costly thing to design a business card back in those days, as it would require a professional to make the card designs. Moreover, you cannot deny the fact that for any business professional, the business card has its very high importance. It is your identity as a businessman and all your contact related information is there on the card.

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However, wanting a perfect design that suits your style was a bit pricy in the old days. But, as everything can be managed via an Android application, you can design your very own personalized business card without spending a penny for it. These apps contain different templates or preset that would match your personality and every application in this list is highly customizable. Now, without further ado, let’s get straight into the article;

Top 5 Best Business Card Designing Apps for Android

Using an application is now very easy as all the instructions and videos are available for you to tweak with them. You can design business cards conveniently at the comfort of your home and design it to your liking. Moreover, you can create a business card that truly reflects your business.

1. Digital Business Card Maker

The Digital Business Card Maker is really a reliable and highly rated business card maker app available on the Play Store. You absolutely need no skills to make a brilliant and stunning business card from your smartphone. There are plenty of presets or templates to choose from and you just need to edit your details and voila! you have created yourself a business card. The Digital Business Card Maker not only supports making a business card but also offers creation of party invitation, work purpose card or just for any fun occasion.

Digital Business Card Maker

There is a high level of customization available like fonts, colors, text effects, change the background and replace it with your image. You can even add multiple layers of image and customize it to make it your very own. You can edit the Include name, title, phone numbers, address, and social icons. The business card produced via this app is of very high quality and you can easily share it across various social media platforms.


2. Business Card Maker & Creator by Light Creative Lab

Business Card Maker & Creator by Light Creative Lab is another great alternative to your paper business card and a very highly popular business card maker application on Play Store. The app features a very simple interface but, lets you do high customizations with the tap of your finger. There are plenty of templates available to edit or you can start from scratch. You can set your business name, mobile number, email address, website, etc. You can edit and add lines, symbols, texts and change the colors according to your liking.

Business Card Maker & Creator - How to use

Moreover, you can also set or attach your own logo to your business card to make it a distinctive appearance. Besides, you can create your card via dragging and dropping elements across your screen and adjusting them. You can also choose from hundreds of classic as well as modern designer business cards it has to offer.


3. Business Card Maker by Iris Studios and Services

This Business Card Maker app by Iris Studios and Services offers various customization features to create your Business card in a matter of minutes. It has plenty of templates to choose from and it also features logo maker, poster maker, flyer designer, and thumbnail maker app all in one. You can either choose one from the templates or start your card from scratch. It also offers you to make a vertical or horizontal card, change fonts, add 3D font effects, change colors, change the background, and much more.

Business Card Maker app

Moreover, you can also change the opacity of the card, add stickers or logo, add other effects or save your card as a design template. Overall it is a very nice app with a lot of in-built features which enable you to create flyer, logo, thumbnail and more apart from just a business card.


4. Business Card Maker by Desygner Pty Ltd

The Business Card Maker application by Desygner Pty Ltd lets you create a professional business card even if you don’t possess any designing experience. This app contains lots of free templates and other customization features to make your business card stand out. The business card generated by this app is of high quality and it is print ready. Moreover, you can also resize, change the font, change color, resize, align, layer order & much more. Besides, it lets you edit images, text & icons in any way you want.

Business Card Maker Android app

This application lets you share your business cards across various social media platforms without any watermarks. You can download your personalized business card in PDF,  JPEG or PNG format. Moreover, you do not need to pay for any packs for an image or icon as everything is absolutely free.


5. Business Card Maker & Creator by ZerOnes

Another sophisticated name in the business card making application world is the ZerOnes Business Card Maker & Creator app. You can create a custom business card with this app. Besides, you can make a logo card, traditional card, and all other kinds of business or visiting cards. The layout and user interface is very simple yet, modern and you can get in the groove instantly with this app. This application can help you create very professional and high-quality business cards.

You can set any of your own images, change color, texts, fonts, add name, number or email address and add all sorts of information to your business card. Moreover, you can save your designs as templates for future use. All the cards developed with this application is print ready and you can visually see how your card would look after print.



That’s it from my side in this article. Hope you liked this compilation of the top 5 best business designing apps for Android. Please let us know in the comments if you liked any of the apps or if you have any of your favorite apps that you would like to feature in this article.

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