Learn Linux on FREE Online Ubuntu / Linux Terminal or Shell

Windows is quite everywhere in consumer applications. But Linux is the way to get many jobs because it is open to learn and it is heavily used in development, production etc.

I have found few places where you get an online Linux terminal or shell to learn basics. Some even have ROOT access!

Yes, there are some Linux terminals available online which will be helpful for you to learn Linux on the go.

But keep in mind that these Online Linux Shell may only be helpful for learning purpose and they may not serve you better than that!

Let’s see some of the online Linux shells:

List if FREE Online Ubuntu Linux Terminal / Shell

I have not found many such online Ubuntu terminals but a very few at this moment.

  1. FREE Online Ubuntu Terminal provided by OnWorks
  2. FREE Online Xubuntu Terminal provided by OnWorks
  3. FREE Online Lubuntu Terminal provided by OnWorks
  4. FREE Online edubuntu Terminal provided by OnWorks

List if FREE Online Linux Terminal or Shell

Below are several FREE Online Linux Shell and not just Linux, but FreeBSD and Unix as well, to learn Linux, FreeBSD or Unix.

  1. Bellard jslinux terminalTutorial point’s non-root Linux bash shell
  2. JS/UIX terminal [JS/UIX is not Linux or unIX but it’s just a unix like OS]
  3. linuxzoo online Linux VM
  4. witsbits online Linux VM
  5. FreeBSD terminal @ http://cb.vu/

Out of the above, linuxzoo provides a fully fledged CentOS 7 to work with and various interfaces like: ssh, telnet, VNC to access to the newly created VM. Here I have wrote an article on how to learn Linux with an Online Linux OS without having a real Linux PC at home.

Bellard’s jslinux terminal is also a fully fledged VM but you get only command line access to the Linux machine. And yes it’s having ROOT access.

Final words on Online Linux Shell

– Linux terminal available online are easy to work. The only downside is you cannot access or get much information from the core system. Most of them would have restrictions to do so!
– The best part is that you will execute any command fearlessly which you may not do on your own PC, otherwise.
– With those online shell, you can do programming on the go, wherever you want and whenever you want, with an internet connection of course.
– The biggest problem with online Linux shell is that you cannot store any files on those online machines. Except that on the linuxzoo machine which will still survive for few days. You have almost 13 days (time till the account expires) to copy files using SSH or SCP or tftp or any other means.

Finally it’s upto you how you want to use these online Linux terminal available from various sources. If you have anything to say on this topic or have any concerns while accessing any of those online Linux shell, then just login to place a comment or query below.

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