MX Linux vs Manjaro – A Detailed Analysis

Having so many Linux distros out there, it is difficult for beginners to figure out which one is better for what purpose! I am trying to answer to one such question about the two distros in this context.

Both MX Linux and Manjaro are pretty new in comparison to the other popular distros like the Ubuntu or CentOS etc.

Manjaro is still a decade old (initially released on 2011) while the MX linux is just a few years old (initially released on 2014).

The years of presence definitely makes a difference in terms of community presence, support, documentation etc.

Having said the basics about these intros, let’s look at some more differences in details.

Basic Differences of MX Linux and Manjaro

About MX Linux

MX Linux is derived from MEPIS and anitX hence the name MX-Linux. This is based on Debian which means you get a rock solid software repository and a large community.

Primarily targeted for efficient desktops with high stability and solid performance. Its graphical user interface attracts beginner Linux users or who is switching from Windows.

The ready to use graphical MX-tools designed to get complex works done with ease for beginners is one key aspect to consider.


  • You get access to lot of packages as it is based on Debian
  • Designed to be more GUI operated than command based makes it more beginner friendly
  • A stable Linux distro which supports older hardware as well. So you can just tri it on your old machine if you just want to get a hands-on experience of Linux.
  • MX Tools and MX Snapshot are two handy advanced tools for advanced users

How to Install

After searching on Google I could not find an installation guide of MX Linux. I could only find this download link that links to a user manual which has an installation guide (section 2.3 and 2.3.3 are relevant) and explains how to build an iso bootable disk.

In my opinion the documentation is good but finding that and executing it to install MX Linux might be harder for beginner Linux users. Please let me know in a comment if it is otherwise.

About Manjaro Linux

Provides cutting-edge software with a focus on getting started quickly, tells it all about Manjaro! Because of this, it gets less stable to use for beginners.

But, it provides a way to run Windows apps via Steam using some compatibility software such as Wine, PlayonLinux or Proton etc.

If you are a gamer who wants to use Linux, Manjaro is the answer for you.


  • Based on Arch Linux with good software package as well as community support
  • A Linux distro targeted to replace Windows and Mac
  • Widely used Linux gaming distro as it supports of running Windows apps via compatibility software.
  • The best Linux distro for self learners as this provides a great documentation via Arch Documentation.
  • Some unofficial Manjaro distro also available for ARM architecture. So, you can run this on Single Board Computers like Raspberry Pi as well.

Download and Install

As expected they have a very well documented step-by-step installation guide.


Everyone has a different level of understanding and a use case of Linux.

You will never get a clarity by going through any theoretical differences like this one. You need to try it out by yourself to get the real differences on your own.

That’s the only way to learn not just Linux but anything. Leave a comment below if you have a doubt or want more info in this context.

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