Download LineageOS 19 for Supported Devices

The Android 12 has already been released and a lot of people are waiting to get it for their phones, just like you and me. Not a lot of phones are going to get it anytime soon from their OEMs but I can assure you that the LineageOS 19 builds are already coming in which are all based out of Android 12.

If do not get this LineageOS 19 build, then you can find something to update your Android phone to Android 12 from this link.

The above link already has many custom ROMs based on the latest Android 12 update. It already has many devices being supported by many custom ROMs. But regarding LineageOS 19, let’s look at some of the frequently asked question by our visitors.

LineageOS 19 Download

LineageOS 19 FAQs

The LineageOS 19 is going to be the latest LineageOS build as of 2021, which is based on Android 12. Based on different usability, below are some of the FAQs related to LineageOS 18.

When LineageOS 19 will be Available?

Android 12 has already been released and of course, LineageOS 19 is here! We also have LineageOS 19 build for couple of devices in the below list but still it may take time for the individual builds to come for many other Android devices.

If you did not get the latest build for your phone, and if you want to install some older updates then here is the list of all LineageOS 18.1 builds available till now.

Will My Phone Get LineageOS 19 Update?

This is the most awaited and relevant question for most of the users, but honestly even I do not know when these builds come for a phone. It is the developer who port the LineageOS 19 for specific device(s) based on their free time.

Because of this, the builds for different devices are very much scattered and not predictable which devices may have active developers to bring the LineageOS 19 at this point of time.

Many age old devices like Xiaomi Mi 3, Moto X Play etc. have got LineageOS 17.1 and other older LineageOS builds just because they all have some active developer(s) working towards.

So, it is not predictable to make a list of LineageOS 19 supported devices but You can use the past list of LineageOS 18 and 18.1 or the LineageOS 17 to get a basic idea.

[su_note note_color=”#D7E3F4″ text_color=”#728095″ radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]And, of course, you can always leave a comment for us, so that we can actively look for an available LineageOS 19 or at least any other Android 11 custom ROM for your device.[/su_note]

Download LineageOS 19 for Supported devices

As of now there are only a handful number of LineageOS 19 builds available. As we will get to explore more, the list will grow bigger in near future.

Samsung LineageOS 19 Download list

Galaxy Note 10 LineageOS 19 for Galaxy Note 10
Galaxy Note 10 Plus LineageOS 19 for Galaxy Note 10 Plus
Galaxy S10 LineageOS 19 for Galaxy S10
Galaxy S10 Plus LineageOS 19 for Galaxy S10 Plus
Galaxy S10E LineageOS 19 for Galaxy S10E
Galaxy Tab S6 Lite LineageOS 19 for Galaxy Tab S6 lite


[su_note note_color=”#D7E3F4″ text_color=”#728095″ radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]This is a very initial list of LineageOS 19 builds. This list will have more devices as the builds will come from various developers. If you won’t find your device in the above list, you may consider looking into older android updates or may have to wait a little longer.[/su_note]

Add-on Downloads for LineageOS 19

After downloading the latest LineageOS 19, you might be interested in one of the following useful apps or mods for your device!

GApps for LineageOS 19

By default there is no GApps (Google applications) included in any of the LineageOS 19 build. So, it must be installed after installing the ROM build. Here is how to install GApps on LineageOS 19 (Android 12).

LineageOS 18 Rooting

As of now Magisk is the only rooting script available for Android 12. You can visit this Android 12 rooting guide to root LineageOS 19 build on your phone.

Google Camera for LineageOS 19

With the Android 11 update the Google Camera or GCam was also updated to version 7.0 and later.
You can grab the same for your device from the below list of GCam that contains a huge list of compatible Google Camera for all available devices.

If you want to convey anything, then just leave a comment here and one of us will respond you as quickly as possible.

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