HTC Evo Design 4G Root zip

This is the infamous Evo design 4G root zip. 1st you MUST BE UNLOCKED, then put this zip where ever you want, Put the CWM (clockworkMod Recovery) on the root of your SD card & have it renamed to in caps, then boot into hboot mode volume down & power. Once in the bootloader push up to run the fastboot, fastboot will auto pairse the file & ask if you want to install say YES, then reboot. Remove the file from the oot of your SD card. Use a quick boot app to reboot into recovery or do a battery pull, then volume down & power to boot into hboot mode. This time fastboot will look for a file but there is nothing to boot, press down to select recovery & press power this will /url]

HTC Evo Design 4G Root zip Link

Stock Recovery, Boot.img, System Link:

Quick Reboot app Link

Clockwork Mod Recovery

This CWM is not My work just passing it along.
Credit for the port belongs to 2fast4u88

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