HTC admits they made too many phones in 2011; 2012 has change coming

2011 was a crazy year for Android devices. It seems almost every carrier was getting new Android devices almost everyday. Many OEM’s are to blame, and that includes HTC. HTC UK today publicly admitted they released to many phones in 2012, and hope to enhance software and hardware for new devices, while releasing fewer smartphones.

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So 2012 is about giving our customers something special. We need to make sure we do not go so far down the line that we segment our products by launching lots of different SKUs. – HTC UK Chief Phil Roberson

HTC also said they will sway away from tablets, and try to focus more on smartphones this year. +1 for HTC for admitting the problem, and giving a real fix. At least they didn’t tell us were buying their phones wrong.

Via: Mobile Today

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