How to download Bluestacks for Linux?

Bluestacks is the most popular android emulator that is used for running android applications on Windows or macOS. It is not yet available for Linux operating system.

So how would you use Bluestacks on your Linux system?

Well, there are different ways using which you can install and use it on a Linux system.

Try an alternative of Bluestacks

As discussed earlier so far the Bluestacks is not available for the Linux platform. We are assuming you need an android emulator that can run android apps on Linux.

There are some alternatives that you can try on your Linux system are –

Genymotion – Genymotion is a cross-platform android emulator, you can use it to create and run Android Virtual Devices (AVD) on a computer. It also offers some predefined virtual devices of Android phones and tablets.

Download and install Genymotion on Linux

Android Virtual Device – The Android Virtual Device or AVD comes bundled with the Android SDK. It is usually used by app developers to test their apps and can thus also be used as an emulator. It asks for the configuration of SDK while installing Android Studio.

After setting up Android Studio you can follow the given instructions to set up Android SDK.

Anbox – Anbox (Android in a box) is a free and open-source compatibility layer that aims to run Android applications in Linux. Canonical introduced Anbox cloud for running Android applications in a cloud environment.

It lets you run Android in system containers, not emulators, on AWS, OCI, Azure, GCP, or your private cloud.

You can follow the given instructions to install Anbox on your Linux system

Android x86 This is a project which aims to port the Android system to an x86 processor so that you can easily install it on a computer. In a Linux system, you can create a virtual machine using virtualization software such as VirtualBox or KVM and install Android x86 to run android applications.

You can follow the installation instructions of Android x86 here.

Install BlueStacks on a virtual machine

Another way to install Bluestacks on Linux is using a Windows OS virtual machine.

Blustacks on Windows

The steps are –

  • Install a virtualization software such as VirtualBox, KVM, etc on your Linux system
  • Next, create a VM and install Windows 10 on it
  • Now go to Blustacks website and download it for Windows
  • Install Bluestacks on Windows
  • Next, install and use an android application on Bluestacks

Install BlueStacks using Wine

Wine is a free and open-source compatibility layer that allows a Windows application to run on Linux. Wine creates its own Windows runtime environment and translates Windows system calls to POSIX compliant system calls. It recreates directory structures of windows and provides an alternate implementation to system libraries.

You can use it to install Blustacks on your Linux

Install Wine on Linux

We don’t recommend this method for installation of Bluestacks because it may not perform well.

You can check the level of compatibility of a Windows application on its official website.


Ok, I hope you are now able to use an Android application on your Linux system. Now for any query, you can write us in the comments below.

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