LineageOS 14.1 for Vibe B (al732row) Nougat 7.1 ROM

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    Here we go:

    This rom for the a2016a40 variant.

    All credits for the rom go to the original developers: CarlosArriagaCM (0730) and another build by EduardoMonteiro (0916)

    Install it like you would install any rom (or see first post for detailed instructions)

    If phone services (data, calling, texting, sim detection,..) don’t work after installing, try a reboot (sometimes doesn’t work on the first boot). If it still doesn’t work, get a root explorer and delete /data/nvram. Then reboot, twice.
    You can ignore the NVRAM ERR = 0x10 in the wifi settings, didn’t impair any functionality for me…
    If you still have problems with the phone functionality (I had a problem where lte and texting were fine, but calling didn’t work for some reason), try this:
    -flash the stock s235 firmware with sp flash tool
    -get the s243 ota update
    -factory reset and verify that everything is working in the stock rom
    -install the nougat rom

    this fixed it for me

    What I changed:
    Edited the updater-script to allow installing on a2016a40 and match its partition layout (don’t try to install this on anything else as it doesn’t check if the device is compatible)
    Replaced /system/etc/firmware with /system/etc/firmware from the s243 stock rom (this is needed to get the sim card related services to work, I guess the other variant uses a different modem/baseband)

    If, for some reason it doesn’t work on your device, you should be able to restore the phone to stock with sp flash tool. I tried it multiple times and was always able to fully recover all functions of my device. I’m not responsible if yours can’t be restored though…

    [URL URL=”!ArUwjn90N691g4E9yExdEgXWP3dP_A”%5D20170916 build by EduardoMonteiro[/URL]
    [URL URL=”!ArUwjn90N691g4E8OA3dVQR-Dbn7gg”%5D20170730 build by CarlosArriagaCM[/URL]

    Have fun and good luck! :)

Viewing 21 post (of 21 total)
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