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    I come from using CM12 and 12.1 on my N910T, and so far I can tell you, this is a far nicer ROM than that one ever was. However I have some bugs here, but aren’t a deal breaker. So far this ROM seems far more stable than the previous 12 and 12.1 were which is absolutely awesome, especially since the stock Touchwiz ROM doesn’t even work on this phone anymore (SIM not detected—happened after I paid off the phone and had T-Mobile unlock it), yet Lineage OS is working, making and receiving calls just fine.

    I’m using the ROM from ripee.

    Microphone volume when doing sound recordings and video recordings are not loud enough. Most AOSP ROMs on the trltetmo have this problem, which had to be fixed by the last maintainer of the CM12.1 daily’s, which did in fact work. Hopefully this can be applied to 14.1 also.

    “Show icon when using stlyus” doesn’t work. The pen is working and can tap and highlight stuff, which is all I want, but it has no pointer like it did in CM12 and 12.1.

    “Touchscreen hovering” breaks using the phone with your finger properly, and the stylus is the only way to fix this to turn the option back off.

    Automatic time zone setting doesn’t work, you have to set it manually.

    Is it possible there can be a kernel patch for the ZeroLemon battery (or any extended capacity battery) by any chance? The fuel gauge doesn’t measure the battery correctly if you use an extended capacity battery (same thing happens on stock ROM’s unless you use a custom kernel that fixes this). This is merely a request and not the most important thing in the world. It still lasts 4 days on battery like it did on a stock ROM with the patched kernel, but it says 1% for the last couple days.

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    Can’t seem to update the post I did.

    Add this to my bugs: 5GHz hotspot doesn’t work, causes error. But I think someone reported it.

Viewing 3 posts - 41 through 43 (of 43 total)
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