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There are lots of games available on the Google Play Store but finding games is very difficult as the is not very categorised and by that I mean that new games or games which may become most downloaded are eventually not on the top. As an Android user from the past 9 years ( switched to iOS just for 3 months couldn’t bear not watching movies on it).

#Drive APK Download - Gameplay review

Coming back now to the game that I will be reviewing you today. It’s  #Drive the game scores in every area from a user perspective. It is fun , has a lot of great elements working for it from the background music to the 3rd person interacting with us the player.

#DRIVE is an indie game homage to classic 1970s road trip and action movies. This is a racing game but instead of gameplay akin to any of the Asphalt titles or the literal deluge of drag racing options at your fingertips, it’s an endless racer that lets you see how far you can get just like an endless runner.

You have your pick of 38 different vehicles each with varying stats like speed, acceleration, grip, and a “coolness” factor, though you start the game with the ’86 Das Holzwagen, the game’s version of Volkswagen hatchback. You’ll need to play the game to unlock other cars, and you can also unlock different colors for your vehicles too, if you fancy a bit of customization on your ride.

Controls are simple enough but they will definitely take some practice to master, and you will want to master them if you hope to reach untold levels of distance. Speaking of which, you can see how far you’ve gone with each of the cars you’ve played with on the vehicle selection screen, which is a cool little detail that doesn’t really change things when it comes to gameplay but if you enjoy your stats then this will give you a feeling of accomplishment.

There is a damage meter reading showing how much damage the user has done while taking his ride as far as possible.

Overall it is a fun based game that will surely take you out from your regular games like Pubg or Call of Duty or even fortnite for that purpose.

[appbox googleplay com.pixelperfectdude.htdrive]

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