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Today’s smartphone has awesome AMOLED displays, which gives us stunning viewing angles. Moreover, the customization options also increase through which we can decorate our home screen. There are plenty of launchers, icon pack which can add to the decoration but, wallpaper is the one that enhances the beauty of our mobile screen. You can get a plethora of application dedicated to wallpapers and also there are tons of wallpapers available to download from the internet itself. But, in this article, we will look at the best live wallpaper apps for Android in 2019.

Now, live wallpapers are very brilliant for such awesome displays that we have today. Yet some users are skeptical about using them because back in the day when we used to get 1GB RAM in our device, live wallpapers slowed down the entire device. However, we get almost up to 12GB RAM in some of our smartphones and live wallpapers are today just a brilliant way to showcase our customization skills. Moreover, they do not slow your phone’s performance, on the other hand, give your device a new fresh look.

As there are tons of Live Wallpaper apps on the Google Play Store, I have narrowed it down to the best 5 live wallpaper application that I have personally used on my Galaxy Note 9 and believe me you won’t regret it. Let us get straight into the article;

Best Live Wallpaper Apps for Android 2019

1. AMOLED LiveWallpaper FREE

I have used the AMOLED LiveWallpaper FREE application for many of my home screen customizations setups. It contains only a single but great abstract lines live wallpaper that really shines out on a beautiful AMOLED display. The deep blacks in the wallpaper look amazing, especially on an AMOLED display like Note 9 I have. If you can pay a small amount, then you can unlock all the features from within the app.

AMOLED LiveWallpaper FREE v1.0

The paid version of the app lets you change the color and the FPS and other tweaks and settings related to the wallpaper. It is a great minimal live wallpaper and the best thing about this wallpaper is that it does not clutter your home screen with a lot of flashy unwanted live objects. It is plain, simple yet elegant wallpaper definitely a great wallpaper if you love customizing your device.


2. NEOLINE Live Wallpaper FREE

Now there is something that I love about abstract live wallpapers. They are minimal, they are simple and yet gives your device a great look. The NEOLINE LiveWallpaper FREE is a great application and the best one if you love 3D live wallpapers. This wallpaper features neon lines that move around in patterns and shapes. Moreover, this live wallpaper application also supports the gyroscope sensor of your device.

NEOLINE Livewallpaper FREE v1.0

This wallpaper looks gorgeous if you pair it up with the Linebit icon pack. The wallpaper does look great on an AMOLED display because of the fact that the AMOLED displays produces the darkest black on any smartphone. But, it also looks great on any IPS or LCD panel. If you are into tweaking and customizing your home screen then you must try the aforesaid combination.


3. Walloop

Now the Walloop is my go-to app for still as well as live wallpapers for my smartphone. As you have probably guessed that I love tweaking my device and customize it every day according to me, this application gives me tons of live wallpapers that I can set and customize my home screen. You get brilliant 3D motion wallpapers as well as different types of live wallpapers that are gorgeous and all are in 4k resolution. It is my favorite because it has the most beautiful collection of live wallpapers.

Top Best Android Wallpaper App of 2021

There are some live wallpapers that you need to unlock for which you need to watch a shot video of an ad. This shouldn’t be any reason for not using this app as it has the best collection of live wallpapers along with still images. The app is overall free and by just watching a few ads, you could unlock much great live wallpaper for your smartphone. Moreover, there are several categories to choose your favorite live wallpaper from.


4. Parallax Background 3D

A step ahead of live wallpapers are the parallax wallpapers. What that means is that it uses the gyroscope of your device and the wallpapers have a real 3D depth effect. There is a cool collection of 3D parallax wallpapers in HQ in the Parallax Background 3D application. There are several categories to choose from like superheroes, sports, abstract, nature, vector, etc. Moreover, the collection is constantly updated weekly. The wallpapers run smoothly and there is no lag. It is definitely a must try if you have a high-resolution display smartphone.

VFX 3D Parallax Live Wallpapers & Backgrounds

The rendering is smooth, it does not consume much battery, and surprisingly there are no ads involved with this app. There is a collection of around 100 plus ringtones to download from. The app size itself is very small but the quality of the wallpapers are up to 4k resolution and the live wallpapers look just stunning to use. A tip from my side would be, to do not place any icon or place fewer icons on the home page of your screen to enjoy the maximum effect of the parallax background.


5. Rainpaper

The most recommended and a great live wallpaper app that gives the rain effect is the Rainpaper live wallpaper application. I go through a lot of Youtube mobile home screen customization videos and I have seen this application get featured almost every other video. And, when I tried this, it definitely had me keep for many days. You can upload your own image or any of the downloaded images, and add some raindrops effects to the image. This might not sound cool while reading but, once you actually see the result, in reality with the app, you will be blown away.

Raipaper application

The Rainpaper app does give us an impression of raindrops dropping on our image and the effect is of very high quality and the live wallpaper looks stunning. You can synchronize your local weather, use parallax scrolling, customize rain droplet size, color or frequency, and more. Moreover, you also get weather effects such as lightning fog, wind speed, storm, etc with this app.



So, there you have it from my side in this article. I hope you like this article and the collection of my best 5 live wallpaper apps. Please let us know in the comments if you tried any of the apps or you have any other favorite live wallpaper app that you would like to feature in this article.

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