Download Android 10 Stock Wallpapers in FHD+

It is officially launched. Yes, we are talking about the Android 10 operating system for which we all were waiting for. Google finally unveiled the latest Android 10 OS which was making the headlines for quite some time. However, the Pixel devices were the first, to get the official Android 10 update but, now reports suggest that many of the other OEMs are also rolling out the Android 10 update, for instance, the OnePlus. In this post, we bring to you the links to download Android 10 stock wallpapers in FHD+ resolution.

We in this post, have a total of 20 stock wallpapers from the Android 10 operating system. Moreover, all the wallpapers are in FHD+ resolution and any device with an HD display or higher would definitely look good with this wallpaper collection that we will provide you in this post. Besides, all the wallpapers are in 1080×1920 Full HD+ resolution and you can apply them on any smartphone if you are into customization or just casually looking for a great set of wallpapers to change the feel or look of your device’s home screen.

So, without any further ado, let us get straight into the article itself;

Android 10 – Details

Moreover, Google has not kept any of its Pixel devices out of reach of the latest Android 10 as, all the Pixel devices (right from the first one) are going to receive the Android 10 update at the same time (one of the best perks of having a Pixel device). Google also has changed the logo of the latest Android 10 OS and now you can see the Droid bot’s head along with a new shade of green. It is nice that the company not only has revamped the Android OS but also has changed the look and experience of the Android logo and name. Moreover, other OEM devices will take months to roll out the Android 10 update for their devices and it also depends whether your device is compatible or not. However, that is not in the case for the Google Pixel devices as all the Pixel devices will be receiving the updates and that has been rolled out already.

Google, finally included the Dark Theme in the Android 10. Moreover, this feature is very good for the battery as well. With smartphone screen getting brilliant and most of the OEMs are using the AMOLED panels for their smartphone displays, and also the black or grey requires minimal efforts as compared to the white shades. Moreover, you can change quite a number of features of your themes and give a fresh new look to your device with the Android 10.

Focus Mode is one of the new features of Google’s Digital Wellbeing app that is meant for removing all the distraction from your phone and allowing you to spend your time out of your smartphone. With the help of this mode, you can block the annoying notifications from any apps and while the Focus mode is ON, your apps will appear greyed out. Bubbles features make the multi-tasking very easy as they are built-in within the notification system of the Android OS. The bubbles will fall on top of any content and will follow the user anywhere they go on their smartphone. Also, when you tap on the Bubbles, it will open the application and show you all the functionality and information and can be collapsed once you tap out of it.

Android 10 Stock Wallpapers – Preview

There are a total of 20 stock wallpapers that you can download in FHD+ resolution from the link that will be provided in this post. All the wallpapers are in 1080×1920 resolution. Moreover, all the wallpapers are abstract, texture and will give your device a nice and premium look if you are looking for customization on your device. These wallpapers are really colorful and will punch out the colors of your home screen. Below is the preview of the wallpapers;

[su_note note_color=”#D7E3F4″ text_color=”#728095″ radius=”3″ class=”” id=””]Note that the listed images are a preview of the wallpapers that you can download from the link and are just for representation. Preview images are not in original quality so, do not download the wallpapers from the preview images. Use the download link given in the download section.[/su_note]

Download Android 10 Stock Wallpapers in FHD+

The above section shows the preview of all the wallpapers that you can download from the link below for the Android 10 OS. As you can see all the images are minimal, colorful, and has an abstract texture that will give your smartphone display a great look and feel. Below is the link to download the images from our download portal;

[button anchor=”Android 10 stock wallpapers” url=”” size=”lg” style=”metro” color=”sunset” block=”yes”]

Once you have downloaded the images from the link mentioned above, go to the downloads folder and choose the wallpaper to set on your home screen or lock screen. Just, long press on your home screen and set any image as your wallpaper.

So, there you have it from my side in this post. Hope you liked the stock wallpaper collection of the Android 10 OS and have customized your device as well. These wallpapers are pretty nice and colorful and are bound to give your device a new and fresh look. I personally have downloaded these wallpapers on my Note 9 and they do give your device an exciting fresh look. Please let us know in the comments section below if you have faced any issues. Moreover, also do report if you come across any link failure as well. Until the next post…Cheers!

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