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If you are interested to Learn Android Application Development then here I have some free online Education courses and out of that there are some free courses provided directly by Google. Android being one of the leading Mobile Operating System in the market available since more than five years, it is good to learn Android Application Development to build your career, or to build an Android Application for your own business, website or even for fun I’ll say.

Android app development online course free

Why to go for a free Online Course?

I mainly search the Online Courses in various subjects for students or even professionals who are really interested to learn something new but they either don’t have money or time to learn. Students who are keen to learn will benefit out of these courses and for the professionals who don’t have time to learn will have much flexibility to learn the course at anytime at their own pace.

Sometimes you will face many JUNK PAID courses than damn brilliant free courses. Also, I would like to keep the PAID courses separate from free courses so that it will be helpful for the people to get what they want from the affordability point of view.

Here is the list of several free Online Courses to Learn Android Application Development:

Course #1: Available on Udacity, Designed by Google
Course #2: Android App development fundamental on Alison
Course #3: Many Android App development courses on Udemy
Course #4:’s Developers Resources

Course #1:

The first course in my list is the Developing Android Apps: Android Fundamentals and the Advanced Android App Development: Productionize and Publish Your Apps course on Udacity built by Google itself.

Developing Android Apps course summary:
– The course duration is approximately 10 weeks assuming 6 hour/week contribution.
– You will be getting instructor video access.
– As of writing the post 287,967 students were enrolled for this course, which means you will have a good community to discuss on your doubts.
– Most importantly all the instructors are from Google from who you will be learning this course.

Here is the link to the fundamental course (This course does not exist).

Advanced Android App Development course summary:
– You will be getting all above advantages as above except that here only 26,242 students have enrolled for this course but still this is a large base of students community.

Here is the link to the advanced course.

Course #2:

Fundamentals of Google Android Development is a free Android App Development course offered on Alison. The course has the following highlights:
– 38,338 other students enrolled as of writing the post
– Short duration of 2-3 hours
– 4 stars rating course based on 447 votes
– You will get video and assessments

Here is the course link on Alison.

Course #3:

Second comes Android Application Development courses from Udemy. There are many free Android App Development courses for beginners as well as advanced courses. Also, the list contains Android Version specific or category App Development courses like: Android Lollipop 5.0 App Development, Mobile Game Development etc.

There are many courses available, so I have not picked any specific course here and also it is better for you to go and have a look and decide which is the one or many course(es) that you are interested on.

Here is the link for all the App Development list.

Course #4:

Last but not the least, the Android Developer Source on’s developer resource is a good place to learn but the disadvantage is you won’t have an instructor to guide what to learn and how to keep thing on track. At least for beginners it is always good to have a mentor, no matter how good is the quality of the content written, it will be difficult to follow up a written article.

If you are starting to learn Android App development then I will strongly recommend you to take any beginner course from the above courses and then you can always have this as a reference in the secondary place.

Here is the link to Android Developer Resources.

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