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Smartphone cameras have come a long way since its evolution. I remember having mobile phones with 0.3 MP back camera and oh boy, it was a very big deal only to have a camera on your smartphone. Eventually, manufacturers paid attention to the improvement of camera quality, and with that started the evolution of mobile phone cameras. From 2MP to 5MP then shifting to standard 8 MP to 12 MP, and nowadays, a 48 MP sensor is becoming a rage for smartphone manufacturers. Not only the camera megapixels but the overall quality including the HDR, color level, software processing, and other technical aspects of a smartphone camera has also seen a huge leap.

A brilliant camera does not always mean having 1000s of megapixels. There are certain under the hood processing and combination of some other different modules that help us to achieve certain high quality of images from a smartphone. Moreover, today’s smartphone is not just a calling device, rather it has become a solution to most of our daily tasks and problems and not only that we often rely too much on our smartphones for taking images, recording videos and listening music, etc as it is the most convenient device to carry around. So today, I have compiled a list of 5 best Panorama Applications for Android.


There is a huge bunch of camera application that allows you to do this and also the stock camera app will also let you do so. But, my perspective is, if there are options then why not test and try them out because you never know, you might end up having the best among them. Moreover, with the increase in the picture quality in today’s smartphone camera can produce, it has become a much-needed to have more and more picture taking features in a smartphone. We have a wide angle, 3D depth effect, portrait mode, blurred effect, and much more. But, panorama especially is good when you want to take images with a tall building or you just want to capture everything around you.

So, without further ado, let us get straight into the article;

5 Best Panorama Applications for Android

1. Panorama 360 Camera

The Panorama 360 Camera application is developed by TeleportMe.inc. This is a nice panorama as well 360-degree camera that lets you take high-quality panorama as well as 360-degree images. You can also share your panoramas or the 360-degree images as video files to anyone via different sources. The P360 camera is a nice and simple to use 360-degree with the help of which you can take images and slowly turn left to right and once you are done capturing the images, all the images will be stitched together to give you a high-quality panorama image.

360 Panoramas : How to take them and the best software for Virtual tours.

Moreover, other features include view the images via 3D viewer or as flat images, non-compass capture, automatic storage in SD card, photosphere integration lets you upload directly into TeliportMe, direct upload to Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr, share flat images via email, automatic geotagging, click ‘Nearby’ to view Panoramas around your location, and HD option to get high res panoramas. An overall nice and free application for capturing high-quality panorama or 360-degree images.


2. Bimostitch Panorama Stitcher

Now, I found this application interesting. Although the Bimostitch Panorama Stitcher does not allow you to take panorama images, it allows to stitch almost any image and of any quality together to create a high-quality panorama. It is a fully automatic image stitcher application where you just need to select all the images that you want to stitch together and upload them in the application and that’s it and wait for the app to do its magic.

Bimostitch 2018 07 20 051334

Some of the extra cool features of the application are you can stitch up to 200 images together to create a high-quality panorama, automatic straightening, auto-exposure balancing, high-resolution output up to 100 MP, automatic cropping of panorama without loos of quality, etc. Moreover, you can share all your creation with your friends or families via different sources within the application itself. The app interface is also easy and straight to the point and you can easily create and stitch all your images to create nice panoramas.


3. Photaf Panorama (Free)

Now this application during my research came up many times as one of the best panorama image cameras. The Photaf Panorama (Free) is a nice application but, one thing to note is that it contains ads. You need to buy the pro version of the app to get rid of ads, set your panorama images as live wallpapers, unlock the HD mode, or use the camera in portrait mode. Moreover, if you want to improve your panorama image capturing quality then, you can visit the website www. photoaf.com to get tips and tricks on how to improve.

Photaf 360 Panorama Pro - Android App

Like any other app you need to start taking a panorama image by moving left to right and once you are done, see the beautiful panorama with the help of the phone’s compass or gyroscope or use the touch screen to see the whole image. The main features of the application include automatic image stitching, 360 panorama creation, upload your images to Photaf.com website and view it from your computer, export to gallery folder, etc.


4. PanoramaCrop for Instagram

Now I use Instagram very often and I love to share my happy moments or something that I think is worth sharing with my followers. This application is made for Instagram and it enhances the productivity of the application which is already the best social media app. This application lets you share movable panorama images to your Instagram Feed. What this app does is it lets you create a panorama image and splits it into parts so that when you upload it on your feed, it will be a continuous wide image.

This gives you more productivity with the new multi-posts feature of Instagram. Moreover, other features include split up to 10 pictures with one touch, crop/resize/rotate or zoom in with one app, adjustable sizes as supported by Instagram (ratios 16:9 – 4:5), HD photo quality, preview your photos and save them to the gallery of your device. It is indeed one of the high rated apps and I found it useful for sharing my wide angle and panorama images in high quality.


5. Google Street View

Now how can Google stay far behind in such applications? But, here’s a catch, with this application you can use your panorama images for more productivity. The Google Street View application lets you explore the world around you and step inside popular restaurants, museums or any other fascinating places with the help of this application. What interesting is that all the images and panoramas are shared by travelers or people just like you for the sake of other travelers.

With the help of Google Street View, you can take panorama images and it also lets you a warning if you are moving too fast or slow so that, the image quality is not lost and you take a perfect panorama image. As mentioned in the Play Store description, you can create 360 photos using either your phone’s camera or a certified Street View Ready camera, then position them and add connections on the map using the Street View app. You can add them to the location on the map and let others see through your images and be a guide to other people. A really nice productivity application.



So, there you have it from my side. I know the default stock camera application lets you take panorama images but, there are so many options in the Google Play Store that, you must at least give each of the app listed in this article a try and then decide whether they are worthy or not. Please let us know in the comments if you liked any of the application listed in the article above and also mention us any of your favorite panorama application. Until the next article, cheers!

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