Android 14 Beta is available to download

About Android 14 Beta 1

The Android 14 Beta 1 is released on April 12. This update is now available for the below list of Google Pixel devices: - Pixel 4a 5G - Pixel 5 - Pixel 5a - Pixel 6 - Pixel 6 Pro - Pixel 6a - Pixel 7 - Pixel 7 Pro

Unfortunately Pixel 4a and other legacy devices are not supported in Android 14 Beta program.

No Android 14 for Pixel 4a

Check the Android 14 Beta Eligible Devices

Well, I have already listed the devices which are supported for Android 14 Beta. If you still want to verify it by yourself then visit the link below:

Word of CAUTION!

This can have BUGs

As this is a Beta release of Android 14, these updates may have some minor BUGs that may make some of the features on your phone unusable


Backup before enrolling

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Where to Download Android 14 Beta?

Enrolled devices will get thIS BETA update automatically via ota update.


If you are not enrolled, you can download from below links:

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