Vera Outline Black APK + Mod (Icon Pack)

This icon pack, known as Vera Outline Black, has a collection of custom linear black icons that may be used on your home screen and in your app drawer. It is possible to apply it to practically any custom launcher (Nova launcher, Lawnchair launcher, Niagara launcher, etc.), in addition to some default launchers, such as the Samsung OneUI launcher (via the Theme Park app), the OnePlus launcher, Oppo’s Color OS, Nothing launcher, etc.

Why do you feel the urge to create your own icon pack?
Because we all spend at least a few hours a day on our phones, having unified icons will make your home screen and app drawer seem much nicer, which will dramatically improve the quality of your experience as a whole.

What are the benefits of using the Vera Outline Black?
Because the Vera Outline Black icon pack contains 4,071 icons, 30 unique wallpapers, and 8 KWGT widgets, it provides everything you require to customise your phone in the manner that best suits your preferences. You receive material from three separate applications for the price of one app when you purchase this bundle. The Vera Outline Black icons have no distinct shape and are linear, and because they are completely black, they look great against backgrounds that are lighter in colour. * You will need the KWGT and KWGT Pro programmes in order to apply KWGT widgets.

What if, after I buy them, I decide that I don’t like the icons, or what if there are a lot of icons that are missing for the apps that I have already installed on my phone?
Don’t worry; we’ll give you your money back in full within the first twenty-four hours after you buy our pack. No questions asked! On the other hand, if you are ready to be patient, we update our app every week, which means that there will be many more apps covered in the future, including maybe the ones that are currently absent. And if you like our pack but don’t want to wait, we also provide Premium icon requests, which are included in the next release as soon as we receive them from you, beginning with the moment you send it to us.

Some additional capabilities of the Vera Outline Black
Icon resolution is 256 pixels by 256 pixels.
The most suitable for use with dark backgrounds and themes (30 included in the app)
Different icons for a great many of the most popular apps
Dynamic calendar icon
Covering of Icons That Do Not Have a Theme
Icons of file folders (apply them manually)
Miscellaneous icons (apply them manually)
Tap to send icon requests (Free and Premium)
Wallpapers of an excellent quality depicting clouds
Widgets that are compatible with KWGT

How can I submit a request for an icon to be included in the Vera Outline Black icon pack?
Launch our app and select the Request card option from the menu. Mark all of the icons you’d want to have a theme applied to, and then push the Floating Send button to send your request. You will see a box that gives you options on how to distribute requests, and you will need to select Gmail from the list (some other mail clients like Spark, etc., have problems attaching the zip file, which is the most important part of the email). IF YOU SEND AN EMAIL, DO NOT DELETE THE GENERATED ZIP FILE OR CHANGE THE SUBJECT LINE OR THE TEXT IN THE BODY OF THE EMAIL – IF YOU DO EITHER OF THESE THINGS, YOUR REQUEST WILL

Launchers That Are Backed Up
Action Launcher • ADW Launcher • ADW ex Launcher • Apex Launcher • Go Launcher • Google Now Launcher • Holo Launcher • Holo ICS Launcher • Lawnchair • LG Home Launcher • LineageOS Launcher • Lucid Launcher • Nova Launcher • Niagara Launcher • Pixel Launcher • Posidon Launcher • Smart Launcher • Smart pro Launcher • Solo Launcher • Square Home Launcher • TSF Launcher.
Other launchers are able to apply Vera icons based on the settings of your launcher.

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