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Titanium Backup

Titanium backup is a best every backup/ restore application you can choose many backup options in this application such as apk backup, Batch backup, Backup in flashable zip file backup and you can also get Redo backup option here. You can verify all the backups after making the backup whether it is done successfully or not.

You will also get the filter of backup new apps so you can easily make backup of them using titanium backup, The restore feature of titanium backup is good too you can easily restore your backup files and the time period while restoring is depend upon the size of your backup.

Below we have given the link of only titanium backup apk file for your benefits go and hit the download button and install Titanium backup apk.

Titanium Backup Requires Root

  • Make sure magisk or super su is installed in your device for installing titanium backup.
  • Open the app and grant root permissions to it as shown in the image.

Batch Backup/Restore Using Titanium Backup

  • You can create the batch backup of all Applications.
  • Titanium backup also gives you the facility of backup and make flashable zip file.
  • You can make batch backup of apk files also.

Apk Backup Using Titanium Backup

  • You can make also apk backups using titanium backup you don’t have to give root permission for this.


Titanium backup Apk Download – Download

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