Here is everything about in-display cameras Ft. ZTE Axon 20 5G!

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It’d been a while since the tech world started the discussion related to the under-display cameras. Finally, after long the thing comes to reality. ZTE will be the first manufacturer to release the world’s first smartphone with in-display cameras. In the past, ZTE unveiled the world’s first foldable dual-screen smartphone. Yep, its ZTE not Huawei or Samsung. However, the brand hasn’t revealed anything about the smartphone. The name of the upcoming ZTE device will be ZTE Axon 20 5G. Today we will look at everything about the new tech and also about the upcoming ZTE device.

In-display cameras; is it the future?

By the time, you guys may know what is the under-display camera tech! Earlier, many brands have come with the prototype of phones with in-display cameras. But, ZTE will be the first one to release it for commercial purposes. To recall, OPPO & Xiaomi has shared a no of prototypes of their smartphones with under-display cameras. Now, we will have a look about how it works. With in-display cameras, a person can experience a full-screen display in his device.

Well, some of you may ask that, is pop-up a solution for that? There are many people including me who don’t like these pop-up mechanisms. That said, with under-display cameras, you can completely get rid of punch-hole, notch, waterdrop notch, and the pop-up mechanisms. Even you can get rid of the flip camera which we saw in Asus 6Z and the shark rising unit seen in OPPO’s Reno series.

Ghost outline; Is is visible?

Even though we can remove permanent cutouts in the display, we still can see a ghost outline of the camera on the display. That said, it isn’t much exposed, it can be seen only in certain situations.


As you guys know, a camera unit requires a transparent area for light to enter into this. That’s why they are using waterdrop notch and other things for achieving maximum screen-to-body ratio as well as for transparency. You may have a doubt why these normal displays can be used for under-display cameras. Since the cathode and anode layers in these devices aren’t transparent, we can’t implement them in this. OPPO implemented the same with customized display and camera unit. They made the area above the camera lens transparent by using highly-transparent material with also new pixel structure that will ensure optimum transmission of light into the display.

Unlike the regular sensors, the under-display cameras which they placed is a big sensor with a large aperture, and big pixel size for the light to enter properly without any distractions. OPPO hasn’t stopped with this, they have also introduced some special algorithms. They have played with White-Balance so that nothing will obstruct the light. The special HDR algorithm will increase light in shadows, reduce overexposed highlights, and Haze removal algorithm will increase the sharpness.

Well, what Xiaomi did was a bit different compared to OPPO’s idea. They have included a small display inside the main display. The inner small display uses a special low-reflective glass that has a high transmission rate. The main benefit is that it will be less visible unless some other types of tech which has a ghost outline. Well, it is too early to comment on privacy issues regarding the same. Let us wait, until the first commercial unit releases. That said, now let us look have look in detail about the world’s first commercial under-display device.

ZTE Axon 20 5G!

Ni Fei, President of ZTE Mobile Busines has revealed that the brand has conducted some camera tests with the customers. The people who used the smartphone didn’t face any issue with the new technology. In fact, they are satisfied with the quality of output. It is known that Visionox will manufacture the display for the new ZTE device. Because its the world’s first company to produce the under-display cameras.

They are the biggest OLED manufacturer in China, and they have supplied panels for Mi 10 and 10 Pro. Visionox has said that they are using different organic and non-organic film materials for transparency. From the older prototype, they have improved brightness, color gamut, viewing angle issue, and removed glare.

The ZTE device will be unveiled on September 1 Globally. Earlier, the same was spotted in TENAA and was been the highlight for a week or so. It will come with the model number “ZTE A2121”, and a massive 6.92 inches OLED display. As you know, underneath this display, there will be a massive 32MP sensor.

It will be powered by a 2.4GHz processor with up to 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. Further, it will get a quad-rear camera with a primary 64MP sensor, followed by an 8MP ultra-wide sensor, and the regular other two 2MP sensors. Finally, all these packs are a 4,120mAh battery which will support fast charging.

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