The latest MacBook Pro 13, is there a catch?

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Apple finally realised their new 13inch MacBook Pro  which was long awaited and was expected to come with a 14inch display with much slimmer bezels, but we get the same old design from 2016! Now coming to whats’s new, the MacBook Pro comes with the new Intel 10th generation chips (not all of them) and a much improved keyboards which was needed indeed. Let’s have a look at what’s all new in this updated machine.



Let’s just skip the display cause there’s nothing new :)


The Intel 10th generation chips are very powerful when compared to 8th generation chips found in older MacBook Pro, along with that all the new MacBook Pro comes with a quad-core processor (a beefy upgrade from dual core). The new chips promises a boost clock of upto 4.1 GHz and a 2.8 times performance increase if upgrading from a dual core model. Sadly there’s no dedicated graphics inside the machine though we have the new Iris Plus graphics which are over 80% powerful then their previous generation. One thing to note is that not all MacBook Pro 13 comes with a 10th generation chip as the base model comes with an old 8th generation chip, which was done to ensure cheaper price of the model.



Updated Keyboard 

After a very bad impression of the butterfly keyboard over the years, Apple had to switch to a newer mechanism to solve this issue.The updated 13-inch MacBook Pro now features the new Magic Keyboard, features a redesigned scissor mechanism with 1mm of key travel and also has an inverted T-shaped arrow keys which is preferred by the professionals. The keyboard also has a physical esc key along with Touch Bar and Touch ID on all the models.


More Storage

The base model now comes with double the storage then the previous model with a 256gb as standard, it was a much needed upgrade as a PRO laptop with just 128gb of storage doesn’t sound well. The new SSD offers speed upto 3Gb/s also comes with upto 4TB of storage catering to all your professional needs.


Increased Memory

The MacBook Pro now comes with upto 32gb of RAM for the first time in the 13inch variant also the base model comes with an option of upto 16gb and at a standard improved speed of 3733MHz.


The new MacBook Pro starts at $1299 in the US and ₹1,22,990 in India, the pricing is relatively higher in India compared to the previous 13inch MacBook Pro which started a bit cheaper at ₹1,09,900 but now we get better quad core processor and much improved keyboard.


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