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Superbeam is the best alternative of share it, I personally use superbeam because share it application is full of ads and I don’t blame share it because ads are good but when ads started ruining user experience then the problem starts. Superbeam is the best for sharing data like- pictures, videos, zip, games & any type of data. In this article, we are going to download  Superbeam and know more about superbeam.

Superbeam application is the best application in terms of data sharing speed, its shares data faster than any other application because this application uses wifi to wifi sharing and this is the fastest mode of transferring files and remember this application also contains some ads. Superbeam application is my personal favorite data transfer application.

These days everyone uses share it for transferring data and I also use share it but I also have superbeam installed because share it captured the market and everyone has the share it application for transferring data or receiving it. Superbeam is the best application but has fewer users that’s why we have had to install both applications but remember superbeam users are increasing day by day.

Advantages Of Superbeam-

  • Superbeam has faster data travel speed.
  • Superbeam has fewer ads as compared to share it.
  • Superbeam has some games which we can play with friends.
  • Less in size.
  • Easy to find and download.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Simple Ui.
  • Easy to Understand.
  • Comes for pc, android, and mac.
  • 10+ million active users.

Disadvantages Of Superbeam-

  • Superbeam is less popular as compared to share it.
  • Not everyone has superbeam installed in their device.

Requirements To Install Superbeam-

Superbeam Playstore Download Link

How To Install Superbeam Application and Share Data?

  • For installing superbeam open above link and install the application in your device.
  • Then after that, you need to skip this info.
  • Then after you need to give storage permission.

  • After allowing storage permission you are now ready to share.
  • Click sidebar option and there are many options like send, receive and settings.

  • Open settings to change the theme of the app.

  • You can also enable “override duplicate files” option from settings.

  • You can change sending data settings and you are also able to change to receiving data settings.

  • Explore more settings and find other options which will improve your experience.

Hope you will find this article informative and install superbeam. Rate this article from header section and feel free to comment your query we are free to solve any type of query.

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