Samsung Galaxy A71 5G to launch with Quantum Encryption Chip in S.Korea!

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Recent reports suggest that the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G will launch with a Quantum chipset in South Korea. Earlier, it was said that a Samsung phone with a Quantum chipset would be launching soon.

This report is from the South Korean news agencies, which says that Samsung and SK Telecom are gearing up a launch for a device with a Quantum technology chipset for encryption. The event for this will take place in May 2020. So, the Galaxy A71 5G will have a Quantum encryption chipset in its motherboard. Some reports say that the Samsung Galaxy A71 would be renaming as Samsung Galaxy Quantum.

The Quantum encryption chipset enhances the protection of data on a smartphone. The data in this smartphone will have more security while comparing to a regular device. It will also make hackers harder to steal the data from your phone. This new handset will have its data encrypted in the form of random numbers. So even if the hacker attempts to read the memory, he would have first passed the chip’s certification process before getting approval.

Other than Samsung, Sony is also reportedly working on the inclusion of Quantum encryption technology in its upcoming handsets. Anyway, let us wait for official announcements for more reliable information regarding this.



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