Redmi Note 8 & Note 8T will receive MIUI 12 soon!

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Back in 2019, Xiaomi created one more sub-brand for the budget and mid-range smartphones i.e. “Redmi”.The sub-brand launched its Global variant of Redmi Note 8 & Note 8T last year. Please do note that the Global variant of Note 8T is different from that of Note 8 Pro which was launched in India. Globally, the Note 8 was launched with MIUI 11 on top of Android 9 & the Note 8T came up with MIUI 10 on top of Android 9.

Technically, both of these smartphones had similar specifications. Except for minor differences like that Note 8T had NFC. A different rear panel design, and a 3/32 variant which was lacking in Note 8. Both of these smartphones were expected to receive MIUI 12 these days. But, there wasn’t any concrete information about the ETA of MIUI 12 for these devices.

The update for the Redmi Note 8 was expected to receive between July & August, and the same goes for Note 8T. Recently, a user has taken this into the Mi Community, and there comes some information about ETA of MIUI 12 for Note 8/ Note 8T. The user who asked ETA for Note 8T got a reply from the Moderator like this.

As always, No ETA for software updates. But probably it will release by next month.


Similarly, the same moderator has commented on a thread asking ETA of Note 8’s MIUI 12 update. In connection with this, the beta testing of MIUI 12 for Note 8 is already running. So, we expect that the update would be released soon.


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