Prankster 3D Mod APK v5.5

The rivalry between Nick & Miss T takes a new twist. Nick is back with a new set of pranks to teach a lesson to Miss T – commonly known as Scary Teacher.
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Jun 1, 2023
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Prankster 3D mod apk is a great little app that allows you to prank your friends and family like never before. With the ability to send them fake messages, it also gives you the instant win feature which is one of my personal favorite features. With this you can give away prizes such as a million dollars, or simply some free cash for their birthday!

3D Prankster Mod APK

3D Prankster Mod APK is a popular game that allows you to instantly win by using a simple trick.

The game is simple. You are given a list of items, and you must choose one of them. If you choose the right item, you will instantly win the game.

However, if you choose the wrong item, you will lose the game.

3D Prankster Mod APK is a great game for people who enjoy playing pranks on their friends. It is also a great way to learn about different items and how they work.

Features of Prankster MOD APK

Prankster MOD APK is a modified version of the popular Prankster app. It has all of the same features as the original app, but it also includes a few extra features that make it even more fun to use.

First, Prankster MOD APK includes an instant win feature. This means that you can win any prank that you start, regardless of whether or not your victim falls for it. This is a great way to get some quick wins and earn some bragging rights over your friends.

Second, Prankster MOD APK gives you the ability to create custom pranks. This means that you can make a prank that is specifically tailored to your victim. This is a great way to really get them good.

Finally, Prankster MOD APK includes a leaderboard. This allows you to see how you rank against other pranksters in the world. You can also see how many people have been pranked by you. This is a great way to see how good you are at prankster and to motivate yourself to keep pranking people.

Overall, Prankster MOD APK is a great way to make the most out of the Prankster app. It includes all

Pros and Cons of the Prankster MOD APK

There are both pros and cons to the Prankster MOD APK. One of the main pros is that it allows you to instantly win any game you play. This can be extremely helpful if you’re trying to beat a difficult level or achieve a high score. However, it should be noted that using the Prankster MOD APK will likely void any achievements you unlock while playing.

Another con of the Prankster MOD APK is that it’s not very fair to other players. If you’re playing a multiplayer game, using the Prankster MOD APK will give you a significant advantage over other players who are not using it. This could ruin the game for other players, so it’s important to use it sparingly.

Overall, the Prankster MOD APK has both pros and cons. It can be helpful if you’re trying to beat a difficult game, but it’s not very fair to other players. Use it wisely!


1. How to Install PRANKSTER MOD APK

If you want to install the PRANKSTER MOD APK, you need to follow these steps:

First, you need to download the PRANKSTER MOD APK from the internet. Make sure that you download it from a trusted website.

Next, you need to enable Unknown Sources on your Android device. This can be done by going to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources. Once you have enabled Unknown Sources, you can proceed with the installation.

Now, simply open the PRANKSTER MOD APK file that you downloaded and follow the prompts to install it on your device. Once the installation is complete, you will be able to use all of the features of the PRANKSTER MOD APK.


In the end, it is clear that Prankster D is the better option for anyone looking for an instant win. Not only does it offer a more user-friendly interface, but it also has a higher success rate. So if you’re ever in need of an instant win, be sure to give Prankster D a try!

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How to Install Prankster 3D Mod APK v5.5 APK?

Make sure that there should not be any prior version of Prankster 3D Mod APK v5.5 apk already installed on your phone. If so, uninstall that before installing this one.

  1. First of all, download the Prankster 3D Mod APK v5.5 APK from the above download link
  2. Install the Split APK installer app and then install the downloaded mod APK using that. (or) follow the below instructions
  3. Enable app install from Unknown Sources to install apps from a third-party app other than Google Play Store.
    To do that go to Settings and search the word unknown
    - For Android Nougat or lower version click on Unknown sources and enable that setting.
    - For Android Oreo or later, clicking on Install unknown apps which will take you to a list of apps.
    Select the actual app through which you want to install the apk of Prankster 3D Mod APK v5.5.Or you can do it other way: Let's say, you have downloaded the APK file of Prankster 3D Mod APK v5.5 on Google chrome or firefox browser on your phone.Go to Settings > Apps & notifications or go to Settings > search for unknown > Open the app (Chrome, Firefox or file manager app etc) > Install unknown apps and enable Allow from this source
  4. Once enabled, tap on the hack (or) mod apk file to install

What's new

Upgrade controls for a smooth in-game experience
Overall gameplay improved
User-interface enhancements



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