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Dog training is typically very expensive and hard to understand.

That is why Pocket Puppy School is trying to make dog training information free and easy to understand for everyone around the world.

There is a lot of information to go through, so dog training might even seem scary at first, especially if you are a new puppy parent.

Also, what makes things worse is that others often want you to pay a lot of money for their dog training courses, premium subscriptions and “masterclasses”.

That is why a lot of people do not want to learn about how to train dogs.

Dog owners do not know how to prevent problems when their dog is still a puppy. And then they often start thinking that these problems are natural for dogs and that they can never be fixed.

That is why here at Pocket Puppy School, we’ve decided that ALL information about dog training is and forever will be, completely free!

We’ve split all of the dog training information into daily topics, with lots of helping examples, images and videos.

The app starts with some introductory topics and then continues into a mix of daily training topics and tricks you can teach your dog.

Daily topics teach you how to handle the common problems, such as potty training, biting, chewing on furniture, feeding your dog, etc. These help ensure that your puppy will have a calm and happy life.

Tricks topics help you train obedience. We’ll show you how to teach your dog to Sit, Down, Come and to do other fun things.

Often, just spending 15 minutes a day training your dog is enough to change your dog’s whole life. And, after completing all of Pocket Puppy School’s topics, you might be able to see a whole new side of your pup!

Pocket Puppy School is also designed to be as simple as possible to use, but at the same time, to be as informative as possible to make your dog training experience both easy and effective.

Our training method is the culmination of multiple proven training methods – focusing on positive reinforcement and reacting to problems in a calm and consistent way.

We hope that you join us not only by using the app, but also joining our small community of dog lovers.

Join us and start creating a better life with your puppy today!

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