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With the assistance of this programme, you will be able to switch away from the automated mode of your cameras, which does not regulate everything and does not do everything. It will do the calculations for you, which can make the settings easier to understand for more experienced photographers (/! Camera adjustments have to be done manually). It comes with over 40 different tools, and it also gives you the ability to arrange picture excursions from the comfort of your own home by determining the precise locations and positions of the Sun, the Moon, and the Milky Way.

In any event, it is not a magic application that will always produce beautiful images, but it will enable you to locate a basic configuration that you can then improve in order to obtain the picture that you consider to be the best.

It is designed for both novice and expert photographers (knowledge of the fundamentals is essential), and it provides the tools necessary to: – Calculate the alternative or equivalent exposure (manages the ND filter and long exposures)
– Determine the depth of field, the hyperfocal distance, and perform a simulation of bokeh. – Determine the field of vision.
– Determine the appropriate shutter speed to stop the motion of a subject – Capture or photograph sunrise and sunset, as well as the golden and blue hours – Obtain the location of the sun, as well as the times of sunrise and sunset, golden hours, and blue hours, as well as a monthly calendar –
– Photograph the different phases of the moon depending on the time of day. – Photograph landscapes that are lit up by the moon.
– Get the position of the moon, the hour of moonrise/moonset, and the monthly calendar. – Capture/Photograph the stars, the milky way without or with star trails (Simulator). – Capture/Photograph the northern lights. – Get the position of the moon. – Get the hour of moonrise/moonset. – Get the monthly calendar.
– Photograph or take pictures of the lightning as well as the pyrotechnics.
– Using the information provided, determine which exposure value (EV) setting is optimal.
– Use a flash to calculate distance or aperture – Determine the optimal settings based on the lighting of the location (using a light metre), the reflectance (albedo) of the subject, and the light colour temperature – Use the flash to calculate distance or aperture – Use the flash to measure light colour temperature
– Determine the maximum magnification that can be achieved using a close-up lens or an extension tube for the macro photograph.
– Calculate the print size – Time lapse
– Planner for scenic photographs taken from a drone as well as panoramas
– The processing of black-and-white film – The calculation of the reciprocity failure
– Bracketing – Tilt lens
– Photograph or take pictures of the planets.
– Panorama
– Get/Choose the features of a camera (sensor size, crop factor, sensor resolution, ISO range, shutter speed range, circle of confusion), and set your preferred settings. – Tools. The Sun, the Moon, and the Milky Way, all with their own unique augmented reality experiences. Countdown\s. Compass\s. Bubble level . Torch\s. Notepad\s. Composition in photography (the rule of thirds, the diagonal, the triangle, the golden ratio, the golden spiral, comparison of focal lengths, and the use of an external viewfinder). Create a composition for your photographs using the colours (chromatic circle)
a chart detailing the sensitivity of film (ISO, ASA, DIN, GOST)
– The Night Setting
– Data Import/Export

Please feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected] if you discover any errors, have suggestions for changes or enhancements, or need any translations.

There are 16 different languages that can be chosen from: English (EN), Arabic (AR), Chinese (CS), German (DE), French (FR), Italian (IT), Polish (PL), Portuguese (PT), Russian (RU), Spanish (ES), Turkish (TR), Vietnamese (ZH), and Traditional Chinese (ZH-TW).



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