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The premium edition is essentially only a means of providing financial support for the overall project.

When you upgrade to the commercial edition of the game, you will receive the following benefits: – New maps and scenarios
– Undiscovered nations
– The modern ages
– Permanent arcade mode.
– We have turned off the advertisements.

(There are three very essential remarks located at the very bottom of the description.)

The turn-based strategy game Our Empire has the following elements:

• Various maps.
• A wide range of eras and situations.
• Diplomacy.
• A straightforward genealogy of technologies.
• A wide variety of different types of troops.
• Construction and the state of the economy
• An editor for maps and scenarios.
• The capacity to generate and store one’s own unique circumstances.

• A straightforward editor for the game’s graphical presentation and user interface.

• Capability to play the game as a spectator. • Capability to play the game with many players on the same device.

• Playing the game without making a gift.
• Promotion by personal initiative.

• Arcade/sandbox mode.
(In order to access this option, you will need to view between four and six advertisements. Alternatively, it is already accessible in the premium edition of the game)

Note 1: The minimum operating system requirement for the game is Android 4.4.
Android 5.1 was the operating system that was used to test the game.
RAM: 890 MB.
Processor: 1.3 GHz, 4 cores.
Video processor: Mali-T720.

Note 2: The artificial intelligence for the diplomatic system is not yet complete because I was unable to make it sufficiently intelligent. In the not too distant future, one of my goals is to collaborate with an outside game designer who will be in charge of the artificial intelligence development.

Note 3: Conqueror of the World and World Conquest: Europe 1812 were the two games that inspired me to create “Our Empire.” It is an unofficial combination of these two games.

You may still discover the games on Google Play, even though SK Games is no longer the owner of them, and you can show your support for the new developer who is already working on the next update to the game.


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