OPPO F7 receives stable Color OS 7 based on Android 10!

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Last month, OPPO started the beta testing of OPPO F7, and now they have pushed the stable Color OS 7 to the device which was launched in 2018. The device was launched with Color OS 5 on top of Android 8. As said, now the brand has started rolling out Color OS 7 on top of Android 10. That said, the device is receiving it’s second major Android update. It is clear that the brand will not push any further major Android updates which is the Android 11.

Oppo F7 ColorOS 7 Android 10

As you know, the update is in a staged rollout and has started rolling out in countries like India, Malaysia, Cambodia, Thailand, Pakistan, Philippines, Algeria, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Egypt, Russia, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Morocco, and Kazakhstan.

Before you update to this latest Android 10 ColorOS 7 on your Oppo F7, please make sure that the phone is already running on the latest version, then only you can receive the update.

Following are the detectable versions, meaning the Oppo F7 must be running on below FW versions to be able to update to Android 10 ColorOS 7:-

  • CPH1819EX_11.C.12_1120_202002071659
  • CPH1819EX_11.C.13_1130_202004190034
  • CPH1819EX_11.C.14_1140_202005181346

Once you have the updated FW, the version that will be updated is: CPH1819EX_11.F.11_2110_202006051136.

The brand claims that the update will bring a lighter feel and much smoother experience for your device. Further, the update brings improved system-wide dark mode, new animations, new navigation gestures, rounded icons, improved Digital Wellbeing tools with Focus mode, revamped Camera UI, SoLoop video editor, improved RAM management, and new charging animation. The updates can be fetched in two different ways.

How to Download ColorOS 7 for OPPO F7

If you are already on the latest detectable versions mentioned above, then ideally you should get it automatically on the Software Update section.

  • You can go to Settings, and tap on Software Updates for receiving the update.

    (If you haven’t received then follow the second step)

  • Go to Settings then Software Updates, and again Settings then select Trial Version (Even though it says as Trial Version, it will fetch you the latest stable update).

So, you can download, and install the update in any of the above-said ways, and enjoy the new ColorOS 7 Android 10 update on Oppo F7.

Changelog of ColorOS 7 for Oppo F7

[Visuals] • Brand new borderless design makes visuals more attractive and operation more efficient.
• Added OPPO Sans as the default font. The new font delivers a refreshing feel and fits well with OPPO’s pursuit of blending beauty and technology.

[Smart Sidebar] • Optimised user interfaces and improved one-handed operation.
• Drag an app out of Smart Sidebar to open it in Split-screen mode.
• Added two settings: Assistive Ball Opacity and Hide Assistive Ball on Fullscreen App.
• Optimised the Floating Window feature for more apps.
• Added a bubble: A bubble is displayed when you open an app in a floating window from the Smart Sidebar. Tap the bubble to collapse and open the app.

[Screenshot] • Optimised 3-Finger Screenshot: Use 3 fingers to touch and hold the screen and swipe your fingers to adjust the screenshot size. Use 3 fingers to touch and hold the screen and swipe your fingers outwards to capture a long screenshot.
• Added screenshot settings: You can adjust the position of the screenshot preview floating window and set the screenshot sound.
• Optimised screenshot preview floating window: After taking a screenshot, drag it up and release to share it, or drag it down and release to take a long screenshot.

[Navigation Gestures 3.0] • New gesture: Swipe inward from both sides of the screen and then hold to switch to the previous app.
• Optimised gestures: All gestures are supported in landscape mode.

[System] • Added Dark Mode: Protects your eyes while reducing power consumption.
• Added Focus Mode: Shields you from outside distractions when you are learning or working.
• Added all new charging animation.
• Optimised the Quick Settings user interface for easier one-handed operation.
• Swipe left or right to ignore banner notifications.
• Added a pause function for screen recording.
• Added a floating window and settings for screen recording.
• New sounds added for file deletion, calculator key touches, and compass pointer.
• Optimised system pre-loaded ringtones.
• Added TalkBack floating prompts for Accessibility.
• Colour Accessibility Mode added to improve the user experience for visually impaired users.
• New management function for recent tasks: You can view memory information about recent tasks and lock apps.

[Games] • Optimised visual interaction for Game Space.
• Optimised the startup animation for Game Space.

[Home Screen] • More live wallpapers.
• Added Art+ static wallpapers.
• Customise whether to open Global Search or the notification drawer when swiping down on the Home screen.
• Customise the size, shape, and style of app icons on the Home screen.
• Swipe up on the Lock screen to switch unlock methods.
• Optimised the graphic design of password unlocks to facilitate one-handed operations.
• Supported live wallpapers on the Lock screen.
• More screen-off clock styles.
• Added a simple Home screen mode, featuring larger fonts and icons and a clearer layout.

[Security] • Connect your phone to Wi-Fi networks using a random MAC address to avoid targeted ads and protect your privacy.

[Tools] • In Quick Settings or Smart Sidebar, you can open Calculator in a floating
• Added the trim feature in Recordings.
• Added the Weather (dynamic) ringtone, which automatically adapts to the current weather.
• Added weather-adaptive animations in Weather.

[Camera] • Optimised the Camera UI for better user experience.
• Optimised the Timer UI and sound.

[Photos] • Optimised the Album UI for a clear hierarchy and quick lookup of photos.
• Added Album Recommendations that recognises more than 80 different scenes.

[Communications] • OPPO Share now supports sharing files with Vivo and Xiaomi devices.
• Optimised the Contacts UI for a more efficient experience.

[Settings] • Search Settings now supports fuzzy match and contains a search history.

[Applications] • Soloop Video Editor: Create your video with one tap.
• Added DocVault, an app for easy management and use of your digital ID cards (available only on phones sold in India).

Reporting Issues:

No software is perfect in this world. So does the ColorOS 7 based Android 10 for Oppo F7. So, what to do if you face any issues after upgrading to this version?

Visit this link to know how to report issues on ColorOS community.

That’s all on this Oppo F7 Android 10 ColorOS 7 stock FW update information. Keep visiting to know more updates on Oppo F7 or to get similar article.

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