Mixplorer apk download for Android

You have recourse to many of the file manager applications like stock file manager and maybe some third party file manager apps. We are inaugurating the best file manager in the android territory. Mixplorer is the best file manager but not leading on other file managers because of it was not attainable on play store. Mixplorer is a procurable Android application, you should have to try it once.

I could say that the Mixplorer is far better then es file explorer but you have to keep application size in sight. Mixplorer was developed by the Xda Developers hence it was much trusted. Mixplorer facilitates you much powerful features only in 2 MB of application size. You can also download and add wonderful themes to Mixplorer. Let’s know more about the features of Mixplorer and download the mixplorer apk for android-

Features of Mixplorer app

Audio– Filter all the Audio files available in your device and play them using inbuilt audio player.

Video– You can filter all the Video Files and the inbuilt video player was very strong. You can’t see lags while playing very high-end videos.

Image– Filter and see all the images which are saved in your device.

Recent– You can also monitor the recent files easily by a tap on the recent option.

Root– It requires root access, once you have granted the root permissions to Mixplorer you can interfere in root directories.

Servers– FTP, HTTP, and TCP server options are also available.

Execute– you can also execute the commands by using this feature.

Mixplorer apk download details

Visit the Downloads section to get the downloadable APK file.

How to install Mixplorer apk on Android:

  • Download the Mixplorer latest Apk version from the above link.
  • Grant the permission to install Apps to your browser app.
  • Open The Mixplorerapk Package.
  • Tap on Install.
  • The MixplorerAPK will be successfully installed on your android device.

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