Google Contacts now comes with ‘trash’ feature!

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Google Contacts is one of the most common services which we use to store our contacts. The backup & restore process of contacts is one of the most hassle-free processes out there. There will be some occasions where we accidentally delete our contacts. Unlike File Manager & Gallery which has an in-built recycle bin, the Contact app doesn’t get the same. In order to overcome this, Google has started rolling out a new update which comes with an option to retrieve those contacts. In this article, we will explain how to use that feature. We know that most of you guys may be waiting for Google to release this feature.

Trash; Recover deleted contacts!

The new feature will work similarly to a ‘trash‘ in File Manager & Gallery. Google will allow you guys to recover the contacts which you have deleted accidentally or intentionally. The contacts which you have deleted will be there for almost 30 days. Unfortunately, the trash feature is only available in the Google Contact’s website. Interestingly, even if you have deleted the contacts from the app or web, it will be shown in the trash. So, the thing is that in order to retrieve deleted contacts, you’ve to visit the web.

For accessing the trash feature, you can head over to the Google Contact Website. You can find the “Trash” feature under the “Other Contacts” folder. If you can’t see that, it means that it isn’t activated for you guys. For me, it isn’t activated, will update once it gets activated. I’ve also checked with my G-suite account, no ‘trash’ feature there as well. If you have the trash feature, you can see it over there, and it will show if the contact was deleted from the web or the app.

Further, it will show an option for either ‘deleting’ or ‘recovering’ the contact. GSuite Blog has also added that the new, feature will be rolling out for the Gsuite & normal users in the coming weeks. In clarification with the trash feature for the app, Google says that as of now it is not available. Google may or may not release it for the app in the near future. The rollout of the trash feature will be finished within 15 days starting from July 16, 2020.

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