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The Full Form Of PUBG word is Players Unknown Battleground and now it becomes the most Trending Game in the territory of Android And IOS as Well. Tencent game is flourishing the PUBG mobile in each and every update. Here you will know about the latest patches and fixes in PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile is the Most Addictive Game in the territory of Android and IOS too hence it Attracts Millions of users. PUBG Mobile 0.13.0  Global Stable is 1.9 GB in Size but When you will Share the PUBG Mobile from Share it or any Other medium Then the Total Transfer Size will be In MB’s. After that when you will Go for the Installation of PUBG Mobile Apk then It Starts Downloading The Additional Files From the Server. Overall I Meant is that You Need Both PUBG Mobile APK and OBB for Offline installation. So, Obviously, You have to Download Both The PUBG Mobile Apk and OBB that’s Why we Accommodate both the Working links For your Convenience. Now, The Another Topic is How you will install Both PUBG Mobile APK and Obb? so we had also illustrated The Installation Of PUBG Mobile In Step By Step Process.

PUBG Mobile is available In all the Countries Except China. China recently Prohibited The PUBG Mobile reason is the Same as we Know Addictiveness. PUBG Mobile Had Also restricted the Daily Time Limit of Gaming for Below 18 Children in India. Now let’s Download The Latest version of PUBG Mobile Apk With Obb and Learn how to Install it.

PUBG Mobile Battle Royale

As the PUBG Full Form Shows “Players Unknown BattleGround” Random Players get matched From anywhere in The Country. Players can choose their location to Jump With Parachute and all the players are at the Same battleground. Every player Have to change their Location According To the Shrinking of the Zone. Who Survives till The last of the game that will be the Winner and felicitated By The Title “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER !”. You can Play Arcade Modes and Classic if you are a beginner then you can also go for Training. You can Choose your Favorite map from these Four-

  • Erangel.
  • Miramar.
  • Shanhok.
  • Vikendi.

You can Choose the Following Modes in Arcade-

  • Zombie Mode.
  • Quick Match.
  • Sniper training.
  • War Mode.

Tips For better Gaming In PUBG Mobile

  • If you are beginner then You can Choose The Location which is far from the Plane Direction.
  • Loot properly Make Sure you have At least Level 2 vest And Helmet, Long Range Weapons, Sights, Scopes, Grenades, Smoke Grenade and Sufficient Ammo For Fight.
  • Always Search For a vehicle in Especially first 2-3 Circles.
  • Stay Inside The Blue Circle that will Kill you.
  • If you are not Good In recoil Control of High Damage Weapons Such as AKM then Use one SMG.
  • Remember that the More Kills Will not help you To win the Game only the Last Survivor will be the Winner.
  • Communicate With Your Team Mates if You are playing Squad or Duo.
  • Happy Gaming!

Is the PUBG Mobile Still Good To Play In 2019?

There are many of the Battle Royale Games are available for The Android and IOS such as Garena Freefire, Fortnite, Call Of Duty Mobile and Some are yet to be launch till the last of 2019 like Apex legends Mobile, H1z1 Mobile. Yes! PUBG Mobile is Still Good to play and the reason is Fornite isn’t Compatible for the Mid-Range Smartphones while on the other hand, Garena Freefire is Struggling With Its Graphics Quality so these two’s are Out of the Competition and the Call of Duty is Still in Beta version and it is Launched in Some Countries and yet to be launch in Others.

Why the PUBG Mobile Users are Struggling So hard?

As we All know that the Expensive and Flagship Smartphones are very Costly so, its not Adoptable for all the PUBG Mobile Users. Due to The Instability, BUGS, GLITCHES in PUBG Mobile 60Fps is Let it Alone frames will hardly Reach 40FPS Even if some Other Midrange smartphones are still there those are Struggling at 30 FPS. So, we Intend these problems and Published a Post For Fix lags In Pubg You can read this post How Every User can Play PUBG mobile In 60FPS. Another Major problem of PUBG is Server lag those the problem for Every User You can’t Fix those lags.

PUBG Mobile 0.13.0  Patch Notes

Some major Changes in PUBG Mobile 0.13.0  are-

  • new Separate control settings are added in FPP mode.
  • Team deathmatch available for the TPP and FPP both.
  • New MVP display and Emotes.
  • Walking, crouching or driving a vehicle on the snow will now leave marks similar to PUBG Stream version.
  • now you can enhance the nearby zombies with the tank.
  • Royal pass users will get Extra rewards as earlier.
  • Bug fixes.

Requirements of PUBG Mobile

  • Stable Internet Connection for better ping.
  • Android version should be 5.1.1 or Above.
  • Minimum 2Gb of ram.

Try PUBG mobile  Beta – PUBG Mobile Beta apk Download
Play pubg Mobile On low end devices without lag- PUBG Lite apk Download

PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Download



How To Install Pubg Mobile Apk with Obb File

Before proceeding further to any step you need to Extract the Zip File of PUBG Mobile follows the below steps For Extraction.

  • Download and install The Es File Explorer Pro Apk.
  • Now Go the Directory Where you have Downloaded the PUBG mobile Zip file.
  • Hold PUBG Mobile Zip file And tap on Extract here.

Now, After Follow the Above Steps, you have to Install PUBG mobile again you have to follow some steps-

  • Go to the Directory of the Obb File.
  • Copy the Obb File with the folder.
  • Paste The Folder to Android>Obb.
  • Now Install The PUBG Mobile Apk.
  • Happy Chicken Dinners!


If you still have any problems regarding the Installation Your Most Welcome! let me know that in Comment Section. Thanks! For Visiting us- CyanogenMod


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