Galaxy Note 10 Lite will receive Android 11 update! But S9,S9+& Note 9 will not receive the same!

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Samsung uses to push at least two major updates for its all smartphones. Interestingly brands like, OnePlus will push three major updates for its devices. It is Apple, which gives support for almost 5 years. Earlier, the speed of pushing updates for Samsung devices was a bit slow. But from the past few months, the brand has increased the speed of pushing the update. Even though the whole of the world is under lockdown due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, the brand has rolled out the OneUI 2.0 & 2.1 for many of its devices. OneUI 2.1 was bundled with the Galaxy S20 series. It comes with a lot of changes over the OneUI 2.0. Now let’s talk about the OneUI 3.0 update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite.

Android 11 for Galaxy Note 10 Lite!

If you remember the Galaxy Note 10 Lite which was launched with Exynos 9810 in 2019? It came with Android 10 on-board and is expected to receive the Android 11 & 12 updates. This was the same SoC found in the Galaxy S9, S9+, and Note 9. Unfortunately, these devices will not receive the OneUI 3.0 update on top of Android 11. Yes, the SoC is capable of running Android 11, since the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite will receive the Android 11 update.

FYI, Samsung has also released the Snapdragon 845 variant of S9, S9+, and Note 9. Though, those smartphones are only available in countries like the US, Canada, and a few more countries. So, what we were coming to say is that those devices will not also receive the update. The brand hasn’t released any updates which are exclusive for its Qualcomm or Exynos variants. Because it will create conflicts among the users.

Well, soon Samsung will release the OneUI 2.5, which will be the final major update for the S9, S9+, and Note 9. As you guessed, the update will be on top of Android 10. So what you think about Samsung’s update policy? Android 11 update for a device launched in 2019 with 2018’s SoC. But, no Android 11 for the old phone, well we think Samsung should give updates for the old devices. Because, these flagships cost a lot, and cheaper devices launched at the same time are getting the update!

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