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Have you been on the lookout for a good RPG game to play in your leisure time? You will be delighted when you try out a new entry in the roguelike genre of RPG games – Dread Rune. It offers very exciting gameplay, almost nothing like we have seen from other RPG games for Android phones. In today’s guide, we will be taking a look at how you can make your experience with the game even better by installing the latest version (v0.14) of Dread Rune: Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Mod APK.

However, before we talk about how you can download and install the modded version of Dread Rune on your Android device, let’s go over its gameplay and a few interesting facts about the game! You may skip to the appropriate section if you wish to learn about the features that the modded version of this game brings and how you can install it.

Dread Rune Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Mod APK

About Dread Rune: Roguelike Dungeon Crawler

Developed and distributed by Meat Labs, Dread Rune: Roguelike Dungeon Crawler is a very new game in the RPG genre for mobile games. It has only a couple thousand downloads at this point and is still marked as early access on the Google Play Store. So far, most of the reviews about the game are positive and the ones that are not can be classified as constructive criticism. While there is no specified requirement for the Android version that you need to run this game, we assume most people already have a phone running Android 6.0 or higher.

Let us now talk a bit about its gameplay. I was pleasantly surprised when I first loaded the game up. The graphics are really appealing, and the game seems to run very smoothly. What I did feel could have been better were the controls. I found it quite difficult to maneuver around my character to dodge enemies and attack them. Apart from this minor inconvenience, the game seems to be very well polished and ready.

Dread Rune Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Mod APK 1

Speaking of controls, you can move around using the virtual joystick to the left of your screen. All of the other controls are placed on the right side. You can roll, sneak and attack using the different buttons available. The pause menu is also easily available using the button at the top right corner of your screen. From the pause menu, you can access the inventory which holds all of the items you currently possess such as armor or a healing potion.

Dread Rune Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Mod APK 3

Your main goal is to kill all the enemies and reach the end of the stage without failing. There are various kinds of enemies, each that requires special tactics to kill easily. You can use better weapons and stronger armor to increase your odds of winning the game. What makes this game truly unique though is the fact that all the levels are randomly generated. This is great news for people who find themselves getting easily bored of playing the game.

Dread Rune Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Mod APK 2

This means that virtually, no two stages that you play in the game will be the same. Every time you choose to enter the arena, you will find yourself surrounded by different walls and new enemies. To add to all of this, there are various game modes that you can unlock at a certain level. Overall, on the gameplay front, this game seems very appealing and fun to play.

Dread Rune: Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Mod Features

Now that we have talked about how the gameplay of Dread Rune is like, let us bring up the topic about its modded version and what exactly it offers over the original version. In its original state, we felt that the game was very well balanced and didn’t need any form of buffs to make it fair. However, there were quite a few ads that ended up ruining the experience, especially if you ended up playing shorter stages or kept dying quickly.

To counter this, we have a modded version of Dread Rune that simply removes all of its ads. The reason why we are promoting the ad-free version of Dread Rune is because there is currently no way you can bypass the ads since there are no in-app purchases within the game.

Game NameDread Rune: Roguelike Dungeon Crawler
Build TypeMod APK
Compatible OS6.0 and up
File size135 MB
Developer Meat Lab
Mod Featuresno ads

Download Dread Rune: Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Mod APK

You can download the latest version (v0.14) of the Dread Rune: Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Mod APK by following the link provided below:
Download Link

How to Install Dread Rune: Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Mod?

  1. Download the Dread Rune: Roguelike Dungeon Crawler APK file from the link provided above.
  2. To install any app that is not from the Play Store, you need to enable app installs from Unknown Sources on your Android device.– For Android Nougat or lower, click on “Unknown sources” and enable the toggle.
    Enable Unknown apps on Android Nougat and lower

    – For Android Oreo or later, search for the term “unknown” in settings and click on Install unknown apps which will take you to a list of apps.

    Select the actual app through which you want to install the Dread Rune: Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Mod APK file.Enable Unknown apps on Android Oreo and later

    For example:
    If you have downloaded the Dread Rune: Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Mod APK file through Google Chrome or Firefox on your phone:Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Open the app (Chrome, Firefox or file manager app etc) > Install unknown apps and enable “Allow from this source”.

    Refer to the screenshots below for a better visual overview of the process:Enable unknown sources to install app

  3. Once enabled, click on the downloaded app to install.
  4. Once installed, open the game and enjoy the modded version of Dread Rune: Roguelike Dungeon Crawler!


Overall, I had a pleasant time playing Dread Rune: Roguelike Dungeon Crawler and would highly recommend other people who have not yet tried it out to at least give it a shot. You will be surprised by its random level generation aspect that keeps the game fresh and enjoyable. With the modded version in hand, you can bypass all of the annoying ads and have a truly immersive gameplay experience.

We are looking forward to future updates to the game that bring more items in the shop, better controls, and more enemies! For now, you can install the modded version of Dread Rune: Roguelike Dungeon Crawler using the guide above, or download it directly from the Google Play Store by following the link below.

For more Mod APKs for your favorite apps and games, stay tuned!

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