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Nobody knows how dragons got into our world in the first place. At first, it was considered that humanity was doomed, but then it was discovered that some people looked to be unique and had the ability to control magical monsters. As they became more powerful, they developed a ravenous appetite for dominance over other people and moved fast to seize control of armies and even whole kingdoms. This marked the beginning of a new period, which would be known as the age of Dragon Masters.

Join the world of Dragon Masters, an action-packed player vs player shooter wargame with magical beasts, and take part in the never-ending battles that take place in the sky. In order to participate in fantasy PvP combat atop terrifying sky monsters, you must first tame and train them. Choose from a wide variety of ancient species, each of which possesses their own set of skills. They can be ridden by a variety of different riders, each of whom brings their own soldiers and unique talents. Conquer the world by commanding armies to victory, slaying flying monsters, and razing fortresses. Experience battle on a grand scale.

Gaining experience in combat for your creatures will allow you to unlock new flying beasts and riders to ride them. As your strategy dictates, divide them up into separate groups of soldiers. Consolidate your power by forming alliances with other players, and put an end to entire kingdoms. Feel the strength of long-forgotten beasts! Achieve your full potential as a leader!

In this fantasy PvP game, you will do battle with squads comprised of the best players from all around the world. Participate in exciting bouts of five-on-five by banding together with four other players.

Fly about on a variety of one-of-a-kind flying monsters, each with its own set of abilities and approach to the game! Anything that is in its path will be consumed by the fire and lightning. Ancient animals that are quick, powerful, or well-balanced will provide variety to the game!

Engage in combat with dozens of Dragon Masters hailing from a variety of orders, each of them have distinct powers and armies. The more experience a rider has, the more effectively he can instruct his soldiers.

Experiment with different lineups of your teams. Each one enhances the experience of the other. You can either ride a variety of flying monsters so that you can employ each one in the appropriate moment of combat, or you can amass a number of flying monsters of the same sort so that you can adhere to one playstyle.

Each rider have their own army in addition to special powers. Pick the one that best fits your play style, and then direct them to victory over their foes!

Train your squads to boost their power and make it easier for them to wipe out everything in their path. The higher your power, the better riders you’ll attract, and the more formidable ancient monsters you’ll be able to tame!

Even if dragons are the most powerful monsters, you must not overlook the importance of your army. Put everything you have toward the defeat of your foes. To win, you must either wipe out all of the opposition or set fire to the castle and its towers.

To earn medals for your contributions during the conflict, you must prove to be the most effective fighter. Receive an increase in the amount of resources available for each medal you earn.

Experiment with a variety of different builds until you discover your ideal sky monster squad. Fight always and everywhere you can, anytime it’s possible! The action game has no limitations with regard to energy or anything else!

vast landscapes that can be explored and used for manoeuvring. Discover breathtaking arenas, and make the most of the topography to your advantage. Make it absolutely clear that the adversaries won’t stand a chance in the war!

Downloading our fantasy battle game won’t cost you a dime because it’s entirely free!

Sky-based action game with lots of shooting! You can select a flying crew, provide them with training, and then take in the simulator’s exquisitely created world textures, stunning sky, and breathtaking scenery. In the shooter warfare, you will come face to face with ferocious and potent ancient animals. We developed a cutting-edge top-action wargame to the next level. In battles of 2022, you can look forward to receiving regular updates as well as fresh content.

You aren’t sure which game to play, are you? Try simulator 🐉 Dragon Masters is an action shooter and player against player wargame.



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