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This is a GCam mod of base version 8.7.250 and Arnova version (latest beta) which is built by developer Arnova8G2.

Build date: March 2023

Note: For Android 12+

Changelog of GCam

  • Fix Bug in previous version
  • Optimize Arn Sabre enhanced and add value( camera.sabre_arn_enhanced_value ) default: "clamp_edges=1,wrap_edges=2,radius=2.3,amount=0.5,multi_alpha=true,alpha=true"
  • Added provision to send bug issues in github
  • Add support for Samsung phones
  • Add AWB Button ( gcam.hdrplus_wb_use and manual value : 0.50195312,0.61718750,0.71582031,0.00000000,0.00000000 or use pixel1 to pixel6pro name )
  • Add 8K Button ( camcorder.8k )
  • Add Astro On button ( camera.cuttle.force_extended )
  • Add AUX Mod ( camera.aux_enabled_mod ) ( package name work in Onplus )
  • Add Saturation fix ( api_colorSpaceTransfom )
  • Add ARN Sabre Enhanced ( camera.sabre_arn_enhanced ) ( continues code for an optimization of adjustment values)
  • Add Watermark ( camera.watermark_enabled ) ( only for hdrplus and night, works with motion photo activated )
  • Add Front cam indicator ( camera.front_lens_indicator_position : value is X/Y position ex Mi11U is 10,10 and size is camera.front_lens_trial_size for mi11U is -10 )
  • And lots of stability code

Changelog of GCam

This time no modding added to this version; only fixes to work on a maximum of devices. These versions are similar to Google used for testing or helping other modders to fix their versions, prefer daily use of other mods.

  • Fix Bug in previous version
  • Add Force playground for all device (arcore_force_playground) default true
  • Add Exif device and manufacturer name (exif_model_make_device_name and exif_model_make_manufacturer_name) default your device
  • Add Android 12 compatibility
  • Add Viewfinder jpeg format (camera.viewfinder_pck_jpeg) default false

Changelog of GCam

Fixes and some additions:

- Add HdrPlusPostProcessing

- Add CamcorderFrameServer

- Add Disabled Hexagon (camera.hdr_hvx.RESTART and camera.hdr_postview_hvx.RESTART) default is false

- Add Shortcut

- Add Developper-Mod

- Add Disabled Google Photo (gcam.google_photo_enabled) default is false

- Add Sound Setting for chinese rom (camera.sound_show_settings) default is false

- Add Portrait back for no-google device

- Add 24fps

- Add False profile camcorder

- Add Force Cutout (camera.cutout_enabled)

- Add Tracking focus for video (camcorder.trk_yuv_plus and camcorder.trk_yuv ) default is false

- Add Simple RamPatcher for fix save capture

- Add Viewfinder resolution (camera.hdrplus.viewfinder_height) default is 764

- Add Auto-resolution for motion photo, topshot, moments (camera.res_auto_topshot_mts_motion) default is true

- Add key value for multi choice in developper

- Add HDRPlus in portrait with button ( camera.gouda.allow_hdplus ) default is false

- Add EIS by Google for all device, this is for pictures

- Add News Logcat Mod ( camera.onscreen_logcat ) default is false

- Add Material Switch theme

* small bug with hdrplus on ( hdr zsl ). FIX: use hdrplus enhance or disable shasta zsl

Supported devices:

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  • Create Date February 3, 2023

4 comments on "Arnova8G2 GCam 8.7"

  1. Nice camera I like this

  2. Kyle says:

    Can’t install the app or the app crashes on Xiaomi 11t MIUI 14.0.4 with an Android version 13, do you have stable version for this?

  3. Ñàhíyãn Ñáhïd Sîyäm says:

    Can not install it

    • Siba says:

      On which phone were you installing this? What is the Android version?
      The Beta2 version was only compatible with Android 13. But the Beta3 is designed to be compatible with Android 12 as well.

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