Download Cheat Engine APK 6.5.2 for Android [Latest Version]

If you are very much into Android Gaming then you might already be familiar with the term Cheat Engine APK. Cheat Engine is a very useful Android app when it comes to cracking Android Games. Cheat Engine is a very old application which is available for PC as well and it’s contributions to Android Games in cracking is phenomenal. Firstly, this application was only available to desktop users then after huge success in Windows Computer field they launched Cheat Engine for Android Platform too.

This application is not applicable to hack all kind of games like if you think you can hack every sort of games and can win the desired goal in the game then let me correct you here, you can’t do that with this application. Cheat Engine APK can only help you to crack games like you can get cheat codes and all which can obviously increase the chances of winning the game but don’t get confused between hacking and cracking, hacking is altogether a different thing.

Cheat Engine APK for Android

Cheat Engine APK is available for both rooted as well as a non-rooted device but the thing is that in some games, root access required in order to crack them because some games the files are locked and in order to get into those files you need to have a rooted smartphone. Cheat Engine will help you to unlock different things and some hidden items in games and you can also customize your game to the next level.

Cheat Engine has the ability to crack almost any kind of single player games but, this app gets failed when it comes to cracking multiplayer games so, you can say that this is the only con of this app. Today in this article, we are going to share the download link of Cheat Engine APK. You can download this app from the below download section. This app is 100% secure and any kind of malware free.

Features of Cheat Engine Android App:

  • You can crack almost any kind of games.
  • This application is supported by both rooted and non-rooted devices.
  • This application is free to download and install.
  • You can easily scan game memory with ‘Fast Run’ feature.
  • You will get updates very frequently.
  • There is no limit of usage in this app. You can use it unlimited times.
  • You can easily choose the application from the drop-down menu.
  • The interface of this application is very smooth and easy to understand.
  • You can adjust the difficulty level of the game also with this app.
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Download Cheat Engine APK for Android:

Visit the Downloads section to get the latest version of downloadable APK file.

How to Install Cheat Engine APK on Android:

  • To install Cheat Engine APK, enable app install from Unknown Sources in your Android device.
    For Android Nougat or less: you can enable it by going to Settings > Security > Unknown Sources
    [rl_gallery id=”79759″] For Android Oreo or Pie version, enable Install Unknown Apps for the app from where you are going to install the Cheat Engine APK download.For example: if you have got the Cheat Engine APK download file on Google chrome or firefox browser on your phone.
    Or you have downloaded and copied the apk file to the file browser and you want to install it from there.Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > Open the app (Chrome, Firefox or file manager app etc) > Install unknown apps and enable Allow from this source

    See the below screenshots that enables to install unknown apps on Oreo for Chrome app (you need to enable on the app from where you want to install the apk):
    Enable unknown sources to install app

  • After that get the Cheat Engine APK download done from the above download section.
  • Now, click on the install option to install the Cheat Engine APK download.
  • Wait until the installation gets completed.

  • Once the installation is done, you can open the Cheat Engine APK. Read below to know How to use Cheat Engine App on Android.

How to Use Cheat Engine APK on Android to get Cheat codes of games:

  • Once the Cheat Engine APK is successfully installed on your Android device, launch it.
  • Now open any game which you want to crack but keep running the cheat engine app in the background.
  • Now again open the Cheat Engine app and select the game from the list of processes.
  • Now open it and search for the value which you want to change. For Ex Coins=300.
  • Now go back to the game again and use your those coins and reduce it around 200.
  • Now again in the cheat engine app, you will notice that coins now reduced to 200.
  • Now add the address of coins in list 4 in the list tab.
  • Now check “Active” and now you can change the value of coins according to your need. Let’s say Coins=1000.
  • Now open the game again and you will notice that now you are having 1000 coins.
  • That’s it. Enjoy!


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