How to Downgrade Realme X2 or X2 Pro to Android 9 Pie? A Step-by-Step Guide!

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Back in December 2019, Realme released its new UI which is built on top of Color OS 7. It was named as Realme UI and has some distant feature from its parents UI. The UI looks almost similar to OneUI in terms of look. Even though the UI brings some extra features, some still like the old Color OS 6.1. The old UI is built on the Android 9 Pie. A few months before, Realme pushed Realme UI for the X2 series. It includes both the Realme X2 and the flagship X2 Pro. Finally, after a lot of requests from the users, they have also released the rollback package for these devices.

We also have the latest LineageOS 18 for Realme X2 Pro which an Android 11 download.

Earlier, the brand has released the rollback package for Realme 3, 3i, and X. Until the rollback package arrived, it was hard to rollback, since bootloader unlock was required. With the new file, you can rollback within touch, and the brand has released the guidelines for that. The brand has shared some disclaimers before you roll back into the old Color OS 6.


  1. After roll back, ALL OF YOUR DATA WILL BE ERASED! Please make sure to backup before you Proceed.
  2. Roll back operation may probabilistic have unforeseeable impacts on your phone.
  3. Roll back operation will modify some of the system functions, and prevent you receiving the latest realme UI push.
  4. If you want to experience the reame UI version(Based on Android 10) after roll back, you have to manually download the full realme UI version package from the official website to update.Manual package Link:;
  5. This package is released and available for India users only.

Requirements to Rollback Android 9 on Realme X2 or X2 Pro

  • X2 or X2 Pro which has at least 60% of battery backup.
  • If you are using X2 then you should be in C11 and C28 for X2 Pro!
  • Download and copy the rollback package into the internal storage of your device

Realme X2

Realme X2 Pro

How to roll back to Android 9 Pie!

realme x2 android 9 downgrade
Source – Realme Community
  • Once, you have downloaded the file, copy the same thing into the root storage.
  • Click on the file, and you will receive prompt notification.
  • Now select on the upgrade now option for downgrading to Android 9!

Please do note that you won’t receive any updates if you switch to Color OS. Also, if you want to come back to Realme UI, then you should manually update your device. Do let us know if you have any queries about the same.


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