Download ColorOS 7.2 (Android 11) for Oppo Find X2 and Find X2 Pro!

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Android 11 Beta is out for several devices, and OPPO is also providing the preview version for its Find X2 series. The preview version is available for both Find X2 and Find X2 Pro. It was launched with Color OS 7.1 on top of Android 10. Now the brand is offering Android 11 Preview version on top of Color OS 7.2 for both the smartphones. The brand clearly says that normal users aren’t welcome to download the preview version. They urge the developers out there to download and adapt their apps to the new version.  The interesting point here is that the series was recently launched in the Indian market.

The installation process will format data, so it is better to take a backup of your data. We will provide you with the links, and guide for installing the preview version for the Find X2 series. OPPO has clearly mentioned that the preview version is available for CPH2023 & CPH2025. So it is clear that the preview version is only available for OPPO Find X2 and Find X2 Pro.

Download Android 11 Preview version for OPPO Find X2 Series

How to Install ColorOS 7.2 Android 11 Beta on Find X2, and Find X2 Pro

  • As said, first please take a full backup of your device. For this, first, go to Settings, then click on Additional Settings. Now tap on Back Up and Reset, and under that again tap on Back-Up & Restore, and finally another tap on New Backup. Once you had finished this process, it will start to back up your data.
  • You can see the backup file which is stored in the backup folder in your phone storage. Please do copy this file to your laptop or memory card.
  • Download, and copy the file to your root storage.
  • Turn off your phone, and enter into recovery mode. For this, press, and hold the Power & Volume button.
  • Once Recovery mode appears, select the option install from storage, & find your upgrade firmware package, and tap Install.
  • It will take some time to install. Once it is completed you can enjoy the new Android 11 Preview version on your device.

OPPO is also allowing you to roll back to Color OS 7.1 based on Android 10. Well, this is really good since some other brands don’t allow us to do so.  The best thing here is that you can visit your nearest service centre for downgrading.

How to rollback to Color OS 7 based on Android 10

  • First, download the rollback file for your device, and copy it to the internal storage.
  • Tap on the file, and follow the instructions which appear.
  • Please do note that this action will also wipe your entire data.
Known issues in Android 11 Preview Version

1). Making a video call using a test machine would fail and the other party’s image could not be displayed after you answer a video call. This can be addressed by restarting your phone.

2). Your phone would not detect a simulated 4-pole earphone jack and audio would play through the speaker.

3). Charging using the CDP charger would fail.

This version is provided by OPPO and is available only for app developers for compatibility tests and early development. Please note that:

1). Compatibility and performance issues have occurred to all devices with this version installed and so this version is not recommended for average users, especially non-developer users.

2). Some apps may not run normally in this version. These apps include but are not limited to Google apps.

3). This preview version for Find X2 series can only be manually downloaded.

4). CPH2023 and CPH2025 each have an independent upgrade package. Do not mix them up.

5). After installing the Android 11 preview version for developers on your phone, all user data will be erased. Make sure your personal data has been backed up before the upgrade.

6). If you roll your version back from Android 11 to Android 10 (Android Q), all user data will be erased. Make sure your data has been backed up before the rollback.

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