Clash Of Islands : War APK

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September 15, 2022
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“Clash of Islands: War” is an Idle Tower Defense Game in which players engage in combat with their adversaries by constructing strategic arrangements of Towers on their respective islands in order to do so. Come aboard with us today to begin your journeys at sea.


Construct Your Own Nation
You can create a one-of-a-kind defence system that is both defensive and offensive by dragging and dropping various Towers onto the floating islands, getting the necessary resources from structures, and then powering them up.

Construct Your Own Towers
To continually improve the characteristics of your towers, you can forge new types of towers in the Factory and then take those towers to the Workshop to have them blessed, inlaid, fused, or refined.

Enhance the Capability for Combat
To unleash a variety of heroes, towers, and ships, you will need to collect fragments. Assign activated heroes to specific roles in the fight so that they can contribute their unique Features. Towers, ships, and other types of technology that are activated can help boost your overall fighting capability.

Engage in Challenges
To successfully complete the challenges, assemble the strongest possible group of players and strategically place your combat formations. Conquer other players in the PVP Arena as well as the Bosses in the other challenge zones. Achieve better place in Ranking.

Explore Areas That Have Not Been Previously Explored
During the course of the oceanic journey, you will come across a wide variety of interesting side story tasks, all of which offer the opportunity to get the treasure chest. In the meantime, you can also engage in commerce at particular ports in order to acquire coins and towers by completing a variety of trading orders.

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