Cats Magic Shop MOD APK (Idle Clicker)

The brilliant feline known as Romi is a graduate of the senior level of the school of cat wizardry.
You used to be a well-respected cannabis genius, but now you’ve given up everything and moved with me to a secluded rural community. I hear it’s peaceful here.
Grow an abandoned old house in a little village in the deep forest where no one is seeking for it, as the best magic store with the cat Romi by your side.

Maintain regular communication with the guests. Customers from the surrounding cat neighbourhoods make purchases at our shop whenever we run a promotion. Shouldn’t this place be stocked with everything that the consumers might possibly want?

Purchase the recipes for a wide variety of potions and magical instruments, then sell a wide range of products. At the magic school, Romi’s only course of study was in the creation of potions, but I believe that she needs the assistance of her classmates in order to create magic tools. Who among your coworkers might be able to assist you and Romi?

It’s a simple game about establishing stores that anyone can pick up and play with ease. Establish your very own enchanted shop in the midst of serene surroundings.

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