Pixel 7 Pro Shows Battery percentage at 0% after Android 14 update

Android 14 public release has come on 4th October for all Google Pixel devices. But this is not a release announcement of Android 14.

After a day of release and after updating to Android 14, a Pixel 7 Pro user has reported the phone’s Battery percentage shows at 0% occasionally.

Below are some more details about this issue. As of now this is only reported on Pixel 7 Pro device but it might also happen on other Pixel devices running on Android 14 as well.

Pixel 7 Pro Android 14 Battery Percentage at 0%

Pixel 7 Pro Android 14 Battery percentage at 0%

Issue details including phone details are captured below.

Originating component:
- Build Number: google/cheetah_beta/cheetah:14/U1B1.230908.003/10811961:user/release-keys
(Note: It is the build when sending this report. For exact build reference, please see the attached bugreport.)

What type of Android issue is this? Battery / Power

What steps would let us observe this issue?
1. Randomly it appears 0% battery but after locking the screen turn back working

What did you expect to happen?
Show the right battery percentage

What actually happened?
It shows 0%

How often has this happened?

What was the effect of this issue on your device usage, such as lost time or work?
None - device worked normally

Debugging information
Google Play Services
Version 233717044 (23.37.17 (190400-570218080))
System App (Updated)

Android System WebView
Version 593814033 (117.0.5938.140)
System App (Updated)

Network operator: vodafone IT
SIM operator: Vodafone


This issue was reported on Google’s issue tracker and further information on this issue will be updated on that forum. You can visit the below link to get more updates on this if you also have such issue.


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