Black screen issues in Pixel 4 XL after Android 11!

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Google has pushed out Android 11 for its smartphones starting from Google Pixel 2 series. Earlier, we discussed the Android 11 issues in the Pixel 4a which was a bit serious. It seems that its elder sibling the Google Pixel 4 XL also some issues after the update. But before discussing the issue, let us have rough specifications of the device. It was Google’s flagship device for the year 2019. The device came with Snapdragon 855, and other interesting specifications. However, the device wasn’t unveiled in markets like India because of the motion sensor issues.

Speaking of the issue, ever since the device received the stable Android 11 update, the device wasn’t working. A Reddit user has shared the details about the issue. Let us look at his statements;

Statement 1 – Restarted Pixel 4XL after the Android 11 update phone is now dead. Black screen no power.

It means that the phone will not turn on after the update. But after playing around with the device, he found a solution.

Statement 2 – Held down the power, vol+, and vol- buttons for 30 seconds, got a “no command” screen with a broken Android robot. Hit vol+ and got to the boot menu, then selected the reboot system now.

It means that wasn’t a serious bug causing the phone to brick. The same was a minor one, and Google needs to fox the same as soon as possible. Because many users weren’t aware of the walkaround which they can do to retrieve the device. If something happens to their devices, they will take it to the service centers. But, taking the device to service centers isn’t an ideal situation because of the COVID 19 outbreak. I Hope, the article would help a lot of fellow owners of Pixel 4 XL.


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