Best Streaming App For Android Gamers For YouTube

We all know that these days there is great trend of mobile game streaming, more and more people are getting indulged in streaming and many of them are gaining popularity and making a huge amount of money simply by just streaming their gameplays on YouTube Or Twitch .This trend started after the introduction of Mobile Battle Royal games like Player’s Unknown Battleground Mobile [ PUBG mobile] and Garena Free fire.  So without wasting time lets go to the main topic which is the THE BEST  APP FOR ANDROID FOR YOUTUBE GAME STREAMING .

when we talk about android game streaming apps then there are so many streaming apps available on the Google Playstore. But yeah , we need the best quality and the most easily operable app.


 This is the best android streaming app according to the present demand of android game streamers.

It fulfills all the requirement of being the best streaming app for android.

  1. This app allows you to stream not only on youtube but on different streaming platforms too like Twitch , Facebook Gaming . It even lets you stream on its own homepage.
  2. one of the best part of using this streaming app is that it lets you stream on different platforms at the same time. Streaming the content on different platforms allows you to reach wider figure of viewers.
  3.  One of the best feature of this app is that it only stream or records  your particular gameplay not the entire mobile screen content. This feature hide the unwanted notifications from getting recorded or streamed. 
  4.  You can invite your friends or squad members in this app and can stream together.

There are so many mobile game streamers who use this streaming app like PUBG mobile streamer Mortal , 8bit Thug and many more . Even i have personally used this app and this app has all the best feature to be said as the best streaming app for gamers.

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