BaconReader Premium MOD APK (for Reddit)

BaconReader is a comprehensive software for Reddit that gives you access to the site’s most popular content in a format that is simple to navigate.

BaconReader has gained the confidence of over 5 million users on Reddit, earning it the title of “Best Reddit App” from Android Authority. For power users, casual users, and moderators alike, BaconReader is the most straightforward and user-friendly method of accessing reddit. BaconReader is the first and only programme that provides a comprehensive tutorial for navigating the realm of reddit. With BaconReader, you can experience Reddit as it was intended to be used.

BaconReader gives you access to all of the top information that can be found on Reddit, including r/politics, r/meme, and r/world news, amongst other subreddits. BR is jam-packed with essential Reddit features such as the ability to upvote, downvote, view karma, send and view messages with only a flick of your finger. The content has been enhanced to look fantastic on your smartphone, and you have the opportunity to create a view that is extremely configurable for the subreddit of your choice. Switch between popular, favourite, or exclude the one that you don’t want to appear in order to make managing subreddits more simpler than it ever has been before. Utilize BaconReader to get the most out of your time spent on Reddit. Get the app today by downloading it!

KEY FEATURES: Not Limited to Reddit Alone

Comment threads that are color-coded

Draw mode is available in the meme creator, and it may be used to create original material or change photos.

List view and card view are both included in the multi-mode view.

Through the app, you can configure the user and link Flair.

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Learn More with the Help of BaconReader

Utilize the “random” subreddit option to learn something completely new.

Full search including: this subreddit, all posts, a specific subreddit, and a specific user.

Filtering options for advanced users include domain, keyword, NSFW, and subreddit.

Support for the spoiler tag in the standard CSS subs.

Inbox with all the bells and whistles, with an envelope indicator in orange

The Administration of Reddit and Subreddit Has Never Been So Straightforward Before.

Tools for moderators include modmail, spam, and removal/approval requests.

Multiple widgets, including scrolling, rotating, and subreddit

Multiple account support

Multireddit support

Other Amazing Features Exclusive to Reddiors

Beautiful Material Design Interface

Background colours of light, dark, and black are used for the various themes.

There are a variety of font sizes, ranging from extremely small to extremely large.

Formatting tools toolbar (bold, italic, etc.)

Secure login via Reddit OAUTH

Notification of the Cakeday

Reddit Gold allows users to award gold points for posts and comments. My list of random subreddits, in which I am fully subscribed, with no advertisements.

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