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B612 Camera Apk Download | B612 Camera App Download

B612 is one of the best camera apps for beauty mode and more filters Users. B612 App completely change Your skin tone to White weather your natural skin tone is white or Brown. B612 has many stickers you can use all those with your photos and you will also get Automatic Sticker feature placement this feature will automatically detect your face like snapchat and with these features, B612 is the best camera app for beauty mode and other filters.

B612 provides you the feature of real-time beauty mode once the image is clicked then you will see the results. B612 is a free camera app to use doesn’t matter you have installed from playstore or Downloaded B612 apk file you can install this camera app as a third-party source too.

Everything is not perfect so B612 has some drawbacks also read the full post to know about the features, advantages, Disadvantages of using B612 camera app let’s know about them-

B612 Camera App Is better Then the Sock camera?

This Completely depends upon you if you like photos Close to naturality then the stock camera is better if you want beuty mode Photos and your Sock camera doesn’t have the feature of Beuty Mode then you can go for B612 Camera App.

Features of B612 Camera App

  • B612 had beuty mode feature.
  • Ai [Artificial Intelligence] Face detection for real-time Automatic Sticker Placements.
  • You can choose Photo for filter or you can go for the realtime filter
  • 1500 + stickers.

Advantages of using B612 Camera App

  • Nice AI for realtime stickers as well as Snapchat.
  • You can Choose the level of Beutify.
  • 1500 + Sticker
  • B612 Camera App is Free to use.

Disadvantages of using B612 Camera App

  • Photo is very Unnatural all the colors are saturated enough.

B612 Apk Download

B612 Apk


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