Apus File manager apk download for Android.

Apus file manager is one of the best third-party file managers for Android. Apus file Manager was flourished from the end of OneGoGo. You may familiar with Apus launcher which was also presented by OneGoGo. Apus file manager is used to supervise files as every stock file manager used but it has some distinct features as the collation to the stock file manager. Apus file manager has an inbuilt file sharing feature which is termed as Turbo Transfer. Some Advanced features are also implemented in this file manager such as- Display system hidden files and Display log files.

You can also manage and upload files to google drive, only one-time Gdrive login is required. All the files types are divided into its separate category such as- apk, Audio, Video, Downloads and docs, It was plain sailing to search a particular file. So, let’s proceed further and enhance the details about Apus file manager and download apus file manager apk.

Features of Apus launcher app

Cleaner– Cleaner is used to clean the junk files from internal storage and external Storage.

Turbo Transfer– This feature helps to share the files from one device to another but both users must have apus launcher app.

Category– Every file type has its separate category, it makes easier for searching a particular file.

Webpage Transmission– connect your android device with pc but make sure both the devices are connected on the same network.

Advance Features– Display system hidden files and Log files.

Auto optimizer– Phone status can be better monitored and optimized.

Smart locker– Lock your Screen by using inbuilt locking feature no other application is required.

Apus File Manager apk download details

Visit the Downloads section to get the downloadable APK file.

Advantages of using Apus File Manager

  • New and Updated features.
  • New UI.
  • Apus File Manager helps to clean Junk Files.
  • The inbuilt File Sharing feature.

Disadvantages of using Apus File Manager

  • It may contain Ads.

How to install Apus File Manager apk on Android:

  • Download the apk Apus File Manager apk from the above link.
  • Grant the permission to install Apps to your browser app.
  • Open The Apus File Manager apk Package.
  • Tap on Install.
  • The Apus File Manager APK will be successfully installed on your android device.

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