Apple AirTags : Should you buy it for ₹3190?

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Apple AirTag is a small tracking device that keeps track of your stuff. So you can easily find them when your stuff is lost somewhere. If an AirTag is stolen or lost you can use the find my network app to find it. It is available in many accessories like a keychain, luggage tags, loops.


A small button-shaped device with a laser-etched polish stainless steel finish front. You can also personalize your AirTag with emojis, numbers, and letters. It is IP67 certified. They are 1.26 inches in diameter,0.31 inches or 8 mm in height, and 0.39 or 11 grams in weight.


  • AirTag featured a U1 chip. ‘U’ stands for ultra-wideband (UWB), it is short-range radio technology and also low energy used for wireless data transmission. Previously, the U1 feature was found in the Apple iPhone 12 and iPhone 11.
  • AirTag also uses Bluetooth, so that person without U1 technology can also use it. AirTag can connect to your iPhone or iPad easily, similarly as AirPods do. What you have to do is just hold an AirTag with your phone AirTag and it shows options for connection. You can rename the AirTag in find my app so that you can differentiate between various AirTag.
  • If your stuff is lost somewhere, but you are still connected to AirTag you can simply ask Siri to find your device and it gives you the location of the device. You can also use a precision finding system to find accurately.
  • If you forget where you keep your keys in the house you can easily play sound on AirTag so that you will find them. Find my app allows this feature so that you can detect an unwanted AirTag or devices tracking you and send you an alert.


The question which usually arises is do we need to charge AirTag? No, we don’t need to charge AirTag. AirTag uses a basic CR2032 (standard coin cell battery) which can work up to 1 year and is also user-replaceable. You can easily remove the battery by pushing and twisting the backplate.


Apple ensures that even they can’t access your AirTag location and can’t see what is happening. All things are happening in the background and it’s encrypted so that other people can’t find your AirTag and steal them. Only you can find your AirTag, Apple keeps safety and privacy in mind.


Apple launches AirTag in India at the price of Rs 3,190 for a pack of one AirTag and Rs 10,900 for a pack of four AirTag. You can easily purchase it from online stores and Apple’s website.

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